Saw my difficult child today

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by toughlovin, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Well we have been doing major clean up here at home and so we had lots of clothes and books to give to my difficult child... plus he had to go get his stuff from the place he had been staying. So we picked him up, got his stuff, brought him back and he took a few of the books and some of the clothes. We will store the rest of the stuff for him since he doesn't have much room at the sober house. He sounds like he is doing ok although I have the feeling the reality has sunk in a bit so he seemed a little down to me. But he said things are ok. I guess the sober house has about 30 guys which seems like a lot to me... and they are all adults. He is the youngest there. He said though that he gets along ok with everyone. And at least he has a place to live and food to eat!!! Now I just have to hope that somehow he gets a job.

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    Hope a job comes along soon for him. Keeping fingers crossed for him.
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    Congrats! This must be such a relief to know where he is and that he is trying to work his sobriety. I think at this point, there is nothing wrong with putting some feelers out there, using some connections, and maybe dropping a word here and there, that he is looking for a job. It is so darn hard right now to find any job period, it must be doubly as hard for him.

    I would not go out on a limb for him, but more stuff along the line of a text here and there: You know I drove by soandso this morning, and they say they're hiring on the markee. You want that number?

    Or: You know that place over at the corner X+Y street, soandso said they are having an opening for a ______. Won't you go by and check? If you are the newspaper reader in your family, or have a computer available and he does not, I would not call that enabling - just lending a helpful hand. What he makes out of it, is his problem [or solution].

    Heartfelt Hugs!
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    Keeping body parts crossed and saying prayers he works the program and does well.

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    He's in a sober house, that is huge. Thinkig of you.