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    The boy that difficult child 2 used to hang around with was at the ball park last night. I recognized him right away. (He avoids me because I know what type of kid he is) When He and difficult child were getting into trouble his mom was one of those my kid doesn't do those type of things it must have been your kids influence on him people. Well difficult child 2 has been in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for almost 2 years now. I was watching this kid pick on the stuffed mascot. Doint obscene things that I won't even try to explain here. Where was this childs mother. NO WHERE! He was at the game alone. Which probably wouldn't bother me for most kids with the size town we are in but this kid was just obnoxious. easy child recognized him and asked who he was as she couldn't remember. I very lightly explained he had been one of gfg2s friends. She was like oh yeah that is why I recognized him. It is so hard to battle difficult child behavior and I know I can't expect others to care as much as I do but good grief why is this kid still allowed to run around and cause so much trouble.

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    beth, the other night at a restaurant, an old difficult child friend of ant's actually waited on us. this was the eddie haskell of the neighborhood. worse than ant in so many ways but with mega-wealthy parents who paid and paid to get him out of trouble. this kid drives me nuts. ant always got caught for every thing he did. consequences were slow to come but they came.

    I dont give a hoot about other moms and what they do with their kids or what they think of me. no one truly knows the things we have seen and done.

    it will catch up to that family too.