scared and dont know what to do........... HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MaryEL8775, Nov 20, 2007.

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    I am new to the boards. Here is my situation. My 10yr old son has been diagnosed as ADHD and BiPolar. He is on the following medication: Abilify 2xs daily 2mg each, and Strattera 60mg 2xs daily. When he takes his medication he is easier to handle. However, one skipped dose and all trouble breaks loose. He has other allergies and right now we are working on getting him the help that he needs. He sees a counselor and a psychiatrist.

    He takes fits of rage and anger out on myself, his 9yr old sister, and sometimes his father. He can get very aggressive and hard to control. Not to mention that he is 150lbs. So his weight is also being an issue.

    Right now I am going thru depression myself but money is so tight that I can barely afford the services to help my son. I end up spending $108. a month on medicine just for him. There are no support groups in my area. I wouldn't even know how to start one to be able to have that support.

    I have child services involved in our home but they don't even seem to be helping. He acts out whenever he is with us. When he is at school, or out in public, he acts like a good little boy when we are around other people. But when we are alone he acts out. He has a case of severe sibling rivalry with his younger sister. He is abusive to us, but no one has ever come to our aid.

    Today I got a phone call from the School counselor that my son was hearing voices and wanted to commit suicide. This coming from a 10yr old little boy. So we took him to the crisis clinic and the woman said that i have a very bright boy and that there didnt seem to be anything wrong with him. what do do i do now???

    I know this is alot for my first message, but I'm hoping to find some help or support. Please help us.

    ME - Mary 32yrs old diagnosed as a borderline Psychotic, depression, adhd and bipolar

    husband - Eric 34yrs old no major problems, but hates counselors.

    DS - Tyler 10yrs old - Allergies, asthma, ADHD and BiPolar Medications are as follows: Strattera, Abilify, Singular, and Fexofenadine

    daughter - Samantha 9 yrs old - mood disorder undiagnosed and untreated so far.
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    First of all, crisis workers aren't trained to diagnose. Her response to your plea for help made me fume. I believe your son is hearing voices. I don't think he'd say that if he wasn't (it's not that uncommon in bipolar kids). Also, it could be that his medication is causing them--Straterra, and all ADHD medications, can reak havoc with bipolar kids, even if they have co-morbid ADHD. Many moms of kids with both just chose not to medicate the ADHD and they deal with the more serious issue. Also, often childhood mania looks like ADHD. I have no first hand experience nor has anyone in my family ever taken STraterra so this is hearsay from other moms--I've heard really bad things from moms of kids with mood disorders who take STraterra and ADHD stimulants. At any rate, if he is harmful to himself, you should get him hospitalized. If he talks about suicide or self-harms or harms YOU that should be enough to get him admitted to a hospital (and I'd choose a university hospital if one is close enough). I wouldn't bother with the crisis clinic--I'd just go to the hospital with the child.
    I'm not familiar with asthma medications, but if they are steroid based that can also cause hallucinations in mood disordered kids/adults. I have a form of bipolar and when I was put on Prednisone I went hypo-manic and stayed hypo-manic for a whole year. If this child has a more severe form of bipolar than me, he could be acting out in a manic rage and hallucinating.
    I'm surprised your child isn't on a mood stabilizer.
    Thoughts are with you and your little guy. Are YOU are medications for yourself? Are you stable?
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    I am semi-stable. Im not on medications because With our financial situation right now, Tyler's medications are more important. There isn't a university hospital close by and the one hospital that has a psychiatric ER only takes ones that come in from clinics, then there is limited space in my area for kids to be placed for hospitalization.
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    First of all, welcome! I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry the crisis center wasn't much help. I would place a call today to his psychiatrist. It sounds like maybe his medications need some tweaking. I remember one summer when I called difficult child's psychiatrist (psychiatrist) almost every other day he was so out of control.

    I'm sorry things are so rough right now-you are not alone and will find support here. Hugs.
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    Welcome, I am sorry that things are so scary for you right now.

    Get yourself to that crisis center. They should be able to get you an appointment with a psychiatrist, who can probably give you medication samples of whatever you need.

    As far as your son goes, if another episode like that were to occur, I'd head straight for the E.R. In the meantime, I agree with MWM that perhaps you should talk to his doctor about taking him off Strattera. (DO NOT stop a medicine on your own!) Sometimes a stimulant is too much for a bipolar child to handle, and it makes them aggressive (or in my daughter's case, weepy).

    Again welcome!
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    Hello and welcome!

    I'm sorry that the crisis center was not helpful. First, I would call your son's psychiatric and report what the school counselor said. Then I'd follow up with the school counselor, letting them know that the crisis center was not helpful and to see if they have any resources they can recommend. Also, can the child services you are receiving at home be of any assistance? Tap into the people that are involved in your son's life.

    Sorry you are dealing with this! Keep us posted; there are many caring parents on this board who have been through this with their own kids. You are not alone!
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    Mary, not only may they give you samples (they gave me some when I needed them), but maybe you can be switched to a cheaper medication, like generic Lithium. I can't believe people can't get medications in this country...rant, rave, etc. Do you qualify for Medicaid or Katie Beckett for your child?
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    You've heard the advice for crisis centers, so I won't repeat that. I will however, ask if you have a GP that you see? My GP has, in the past, contacted all those pesky drug reps to get me medications that I couldn't afford at the time.

    Seriously, for 9 months, one very on the ball representative kept me supplied with seizure medications before I was covered by insurance. My GP told me that she spend enough time listening to these guys each week just to get medications for their patients who cannot afford them.

    Just a thought for you.

    Oh, by the way, welcome. I hope we can help you through this crisis & find help for you & your difficult child.
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    Hi Mary, welcome.
    A lot of us are suffering from depression because of the levels of anxiety and stress from our kids. If you can't afford medications for yourself, perhaps you could just try to get a little extra sleep for yourself and some time alone. Sometimes even a quick shower helps.
    I am so sorry your son didn't get help when you took him in after hearing voices.
    I agree, that sometimes MDs will give you samples and help arrange for scrips if you can't afford it. Tell them about your situation.
    Good luck!
  10. Sheila

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    Hi MaryEL

    There are some programs that help people get their medications at reduced cost or free. is one site, but there are others.

    It's not uncommon for some of our kids to be able to hold it together outside the home.

    Glad you found us. It helps to be in touch with others that understand the trials and tribulations of raising a difficult child.
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    Hi and welcome ! I sent you a private message.