School Anxiety



Hi Mom5
Nice to hear from you again!

I think that you are correct in thinking that the sd is angling for an ED placement.
I think that if you are comfortable with the school psychiatric. you should consider the assessment. And yes,if you want an independent evaluation---since the school want an assessment done---you should ask for a list of outside evaluators from you sd.

I think that it is interesting that you son is so bright and so unhappy with school. I also find the medical history (ear stuff) intersting. It seems that many kids with chronic ear infections and the related problems have a difficlt time getting into the swing of school.

Are you positive that there are no underlying medical conditions affecting him at school? Could he be having any difficulty hearing? Could he find any of the situations at school during instruction painful?

School anxiety is a complex issue. Yes, he could be anxious at school and not in other situations. However, if the anxiety issue is not addressed he may generalize these behaviors to other situations (beyond school) in the future. That is why is is important to get a handle on that now---in my opinion.

To answer your questions about services---If he were classified ED he would be entitled to therapy at school. His IEP would need to address issues related to anxiety and how it affects his school perforamance. It should also address the problems that he is haveing forming significatnt relationships with adults at school as well as his peers.

These counseling issues can be handled at school, throught the school social worker. However, most sds don't employ social worker and give them a schedule that allows them to do direct therapy. SO I would ask a lot of questions about the level therapeutic services that would be available to him.

You might also consult with your pediatrician regarding the school-realted anxiety and ask how they would suggest addressing that at this time. IF you MD agrees with the diagnosis of anxiety--then you should ask about treatment plan that include therapy and medication. (I think that medications really help kids with anxiety disorders, but good therapy is essential to learning how to manage the feelings in appropraite ways).
I hope that this is not too much to digest at one time!

Let me know what else you need!