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    difficult child got in trouble yesterday at school for disrupting the class and for insubordination. The principal told him to go straight to ISS for the remainder of school and he did not. So he basically cut class and also got in trouble for that.

    In addition, this morning, he and another student evidently made a mess of some type in the cafeteria and he got in trouble for that too.

    His last period class is building trades. They are supposed to do school work and pass a safety course before being allowed to go to the house to do actual hands-on work. difficult child has not done any of the work in order to pass the safety course. His teacher has requested that he be removed from this class.

    There are no real viable options for him during this time period, so they are going to see what they can offer.

    Also, as part of his work in Language Arts, he was to practice letter writing. The assignment was to write letters to fellow classmates. difficult child's letter was to a student that he mentioned that he did not like. He mentioned in this letter how much he hated this student and how he was going to "kick his :censored2:" and leave him in a "pool of his own blood" among other things.

    difficult child has become a safety issue to himself and to other students at school.

    I called his social worker yesterday and he is planning on coming to the house tonight to talk with difficult child and myself about the school issues.

    Does it ever end?
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    Oh lordy...that does sound bad doesnt it? I wish they would find a way to get him into the building trade class. That could be very good for him. I think the letter's were doomed to failure with kids like ours. I can see mine writing something like that when he was that age. Ugh. Would have been better to ask him to write something to a tv character.

    Good luck.
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    I am sorry you have to deal with this stuff. Of course schools take letters like that VERY seriously. Hopefully they don't classify it as a threat and expel him under "zero tolerance". We are lucky to NOT have zero tolerance - our school board believes that it hurts more than it helps. with-o it kids are more likely to tell an adult if they see another kid doing somehting dangerous. or that is what we are told is the reason things are on a case by case basis.

    I have TOTALLy been there done that with stuff like the letter. At one point we asked Wiz to write down what he did in class if he didn't have homework. I got horrifying things, even some pornographic things, all totally made up (hey, no one can say our kids don't ahve vivid imaginations?) (ducking while people throw things at me - going back to my corner now)

    I wonder what plan school has to educate your son with all this school stuff. They are required to come up with something.

    sending gentle hugs and lots of support. the comment about imaginations was tongue in cheek to make you feel a little better.
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    I too am sorry that you are having to deal with this. It's a story we know very well in this house.

    Does he have an IEP in place? If so, does it call for a para? My difficult child has a para with him in every class except the resource room. That has made a world of difference in his behavior in the classroom. They are there to help him with assignments and help keep his behavior in check.
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    He does not have an IEP. They have always said he needed x and y, but needed is medically not educationally. {{rolling eyes}}

    The school counselor wants to send him to one of the alternative schools here in our county. I was hesitant until I spoke with his social worker last night. He said this school is really good and would do difficult child a lot of good. I'm hoping it works out that he can go there.