Secret Santa Update (beyond words!!!)

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    A young man came this afternoon. He was gracious and cheerful and made me feel totally comfortable. I offered him the christmas card and christmas tin of baking. He was a bit surprised it seemed, which was a surprise to me. A card and cookies seems a meager thank you for such a gift for my kids!

    He then went to his car and came around to the front door with 2 of the largest garbage bags I've ever seen. Industrial bags I'm guessing. I was bowled over. He said they weren't wrapped so that I could look through to know ahead of time what was there. I was so blown away I wish I'd said something more eloquent when I thanked him and told him how much this was going to be amazing to the kids etc. He smiled and said that they all enjoyed this and he hopes the kids have a terrific holiday. I said the same to him and he smiled and said that if I bring the bags into the house he'd be right back with something that was meant to help all three of us. When he returned, he had a large laundry basket full of groceries. He had to make a trip back to his car to get a frozen turkey in a turkey roaster pan. He said he was rushed as I thanked him again (I think he didn't want to have me embarassed so was trying to make it short or something as he obviously enjoyed delivering all of this, he was obviously overjoyed himself, his grin was infectious). He simply gave me a small hug and told me Merry Christmas again and went to his car and drove off. Now I know what delayed them delivering yesterday. They were busy buying us groceries!

    The groceries were all basic needs type things, staple items. Coffee, tea, sugar, milk, bread, eggs, cheese, butter, pasta and sauces, frozen veggies, peanut butter and jelly, cereal etc. There was everything for a turkey dinner, the turkey and a terrific roast pan, potatoes, onions, carrots, turnip, stuffing, cranberries, pickles etc. There was a bag with christmas candies, cookies, candy canes, and a box of chocolates.

    When i got to the bottom of the basket while putting the groceries away, there was a Christmas card. I opened it and I'm crying typing this. To get the kids the gifts I did, I put off the hydro and gas company and figured I'd catch up into the New Year. I was grateful I wasn't driving up credit card debt etc to pay for Christmas and truly was fine about being tight in January and February while catching up the bills. Inside the card was a money order for $300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The note in the card asked that it be applied to bills. it is only about $40 short of the money I was short for the bills in order to buy for the holidays. I can't believe this has all happened to us. We are definitly not in any way special or deserving in any sense more than the next person struggling, which is most people at this time of year and in this economy. S/O being laid off in Feb. was only one of thousands in the mining industry alone in this town who were unable to find new jobs after layoff. *sniff sniff*

    When I finally composed myself and had finished a bit of a cry in the bedroom on S/O's shoulder, we sorted through the kids things which I'm going to gift wrap when I am finished typing this update.

    difficult child's blanket for his bed his gorgeous. There is egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases (I've never owned a set, how awesome is that??) and 2 new oversized pillows. A mans dress watch. The 2 dvd set of the Che movies (war type movies). Sony headphones. A shaving set by Gillette. Scrabble. 4 fantasy books. 2 pairs of sleep pants, 2 tshirts to match. A dark blue hooded sweatshirt from West 49 (a store difficult child loves but we rarely shop at). 10 pairs of black socks. 5 pairs of boxer shorts. The board game Sequence. A snuggie.

    easy child recieved a set of new pillows. A mp3 player, the board game Headbandz, a Tech Deck and a Tony Hawk ramp. 2 nancy drew hardcover books. A table top air hockey table. A collectors can of Upper Deck hockey cards, a Montreal Canadians jersey and a hockey stick. A Poochie dog (those robotic dogs that respond to voice commands). polar fleece pyjamas, slippers, robe, socks and underwear. Hat, mitts, scarf.

    It was absolutely the most overwhelming afternoon. I probably even forgot a few things because it is all just too much to remember, to comprehend even. S/O went quietly into the room for about a half hour earlier. I was worried about him. I finally went and asked him if he was okay, I thought he was upset because he feels a failure right now. He is very much the provider, hunter/gatherer type. I didn't want him to feel that way. He told me he wasn't letting himself feel that way. He said he was just overwhelmed as well, and was unable to not get emotional at the fact that someone would do so much for us all. He needed time to absorb it and contemplate why us, etc. I think he went and cried, truth be told. I think he didn't want to have a melt down in front of me or the kids. He gave me a big hug and told me that in a couple years, when he finishes yet another college diploma and is stable in the air force, that he wants to do something big like this for someone else, he says it is the Universe's way ... karma ... he said knowing he/we will do that makes it easier to not feel guilty for having all of this done for us when others are struggling as well, many even more than us. I feel the exact same way.

    Christmas can indeed bring out the worst in people. This year we had a pretty magnificant demonstration of how it also brings out the complete best in people. I think that the feeling of being cared about and my kids being so well thought of (takes a village to raise a child type thing) is nearly surpassing the enormity of realizing just how far others have gone for us this year.
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    Again, I'm just welling up. That is just so gosh darn heart warming. I'm really, really thrilled for you. Besides the tears, I just have a smile from ear to ear!
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    Merry Christmas! I'm so glad that someone in real life has reached out to let you know just how special your family is.

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    They made me cry, too. I think it's wonderful!
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    Did you know this person or did he know your family?? This demonstrates that there truly are loving, caring people left in the world.

    Happy Holidays!
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    I just read your other post - - - such wonderful people!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    It is so heartwarming to know there are people like that in the world still! I hope all enjoy your holiday together. This will be one Christmas you'll never forget! :D
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    I've had a real Bah Humbug attitude this year- this story made my day! I'm so happy for you and your family and it gives me hope to hear about this!
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    Klmno, I know this year is just not your year to be feeling the holidays. I'm glad this gave you a moment of the feeling of the season.

    I've just wrapped in record time. Keeping kids busy elsewhere while curiousity is eating them up is not an easy thing 2 days before Christmas. To see my 2 kids being excited and antsy and impatient for me to surface from behind a locked door is awesome. They both love Christmas, but are pretty sedate most of the time. Very laid back and don't tend to get too over excited about gifts and things. Its cute to hear them both conspiring to figure out what I was busy doing.

    I unlocked the door and they about knocked me over on their way in to my room HAHA. Their eyes were googling out of their heads. difficult child said, wow ... why do we have all kinds of presents? (Found out later he saw them and was thinking he was suspicious I was up to something but when he saw them all he thought he was wrong and I had been wrapping gifts for my brother that he'd hidden here away from his kids eyes). I told them that when I said they were chosen for a Secret Santa thing, even I never guessed they'd be given all of this.

    They took them all and put them under the tree themselves. I have never seen such excited kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fah lah lah lah lah......lah lah lah lah......

    I'm living vicariously through your Christmas spirit....:D It's SOOOOO wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing this with us MattsMom. You have given US all a gift!!!
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    Thank you for sharing this. It made my day to read something so heartwarming.
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    I love hearing how the Christmas spirit is alive and well.
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    Thank you so much for understanding, MM! Even though this is a rough year for me, I did mean it when I said your story gives me hope. Thank you for sharing it and I am truly happy that this will be a great year for you and your children!
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    oh yes you are!!!!!