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Today is my difficult children new evaluation from a neuropyschologist. They are there now with husband, while I have the other 3. Neuropysch came out to get youngest and noticed his shoes were on the wrong feet. Said something in front of husband and husband said that youngest always does this. Neuropysch asked "Always?" like it was significant. Is this a sensory thing? Hes now in a long test with difficult child so I can't ask him and I'm curious what the significance is. My middle difficult child use to do this as well until he finally gave into us telling him he had to put them on the correct feet. (maybe in the last 6 months) Any input?


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Hi! All I can say is that while we're doing the neuropsychologist, she asked about difficult child 2's dressing habits and the haphazard way that he did it (if his shirt is right side out, he'll put it on right, if it's inside-out, he'll put it on wrong, etc.) because it can be one of the indications of Asperger's Syndrome. It's not important to him how he presents himself to the world, so he doesn't take the time out to "fuss".


He's a great kid, and it's just simply very low on his list of priorities - we call him "The Dirt Magnet"!!!



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I would probably say it is a LACK of sensory input......wouldn't one be uncomfortable with shoes on the wrong feet? Probably! So the fact that he is not uncomfortable could be significant! Not sure what it means in terms of a diagnosis - but it does seem as if his senses are not all in sync.

I know my son feels very little pain - when he was 1 he jumped off of a 12 foot wall - felt no pain, no fear, no nothing. The minute that happened, I knew we had something up. As life has gone on, the only thing that gets him down are migraines - any other painful episode does not even phase him. He walks around bleeding from scrapes, and doesn't even notice. Again, a lack of some sort of stimulus getting to the brain.

Good luck - and please let us know what the doctor says today!!!!!


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Could be, but don't over analyze just yet. Let them do the testing - just relax for a bit dear!!!

I know - I have been there done that - but I now know it really did not help for me to be on edge at all times.


Lack of feeling pain is a sensory issue. (It can be dangerous also because the individual doesn't realize when s/he is really hurt.)

If shoes on the wrong feet do not hurt or do not annoy -- definately something to check out.

My son has Sensory Integration Disorder (SID). His pain tolerance was very high. Therapy helped all of his sensory problems. He's much better now.



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I think it may not be sensory. I think it may be one of the signs of aspergers. His is dishevelled (sp?) in his appearance with everything, he doesn't button his shirt correctly, doesn't comb his hair, shoes on wrong feet and so on. I may be wrong, so I'm going to research both more.

The doctor today said it will take him about a week to go through all the tests given and have an idea. Is that normal? I guess I had hoped they would be able to tell us something today. No luck.