she is too wild for me Mom


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lmao. ant called. he has been in his own place 12 days now. no trouble. monica ( the gal with the strange family) moved in one day and out the next. three days later she banged on the door at midnight and moved back in again. she is 27- unemployed nurse's aide. ant has been cooking wonderful dinners for them, calling daily to learn how to make this and that.

today ant called and said she may not be there much longer because "she was raised different than me" as he said.

he said she is too wild. I bust out laughing and told ant that while I raised him very conservatively he was the one who acted like no one else in the family. he laughed too. I told him he was wilder than anyone I knew. I think his roots are coming out. he fed two other neighbors who are difficult children with his cooking and packed boyfriend a lunch today with his home made foods. lol


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I LOVED reading this! You are right, his roots are showing! Hey, this is progress. If this girl is too wild for him, he just may be trying to settle himself down without even realizing it.

My difficult child called me earlier today saying that he was broke--my response is too bad, hope you have enough gas to cover your trips to and from work until payday. He was not amused.

He called back about 20 minutes later to say, rather sheepishly, "Remember when you told me I should put my money away in a safe place at home if I don't deposit it, so I won't spend it all? Well, last night when I got home, I put it away and forgot I had done it!"

The money is found, most of it put back and all is well. He has decided that his checking account is a PITA to remember to write everything down, so he is only depositing enough each payday to cover his insurance draft and keep it open. He gave me his checkbook and ATM card and said he will give it another shot after a while but for now will manage his cash on his own. Now, if he can just not forget when he puts it away for safe keeping! LOL

Sorry I hijacked your post. i really did love reading this!
Ah, that's so good to hear, Janet! :smile:

Maybe I will get a call like that from my own difficult child one day.

Not that I'm holding my breath or anything....




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LMAO---That is too funny, Janet. I bet you never thought he would meet someone who could out "do" his antics. I always knew that the heard what we said growing up---they just choose not to practice our morals and values.

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Yes Janet, I believe that his upbringing is shining through. We have seen it from time to time with Ant. You did a good job. He will mature and you will see much more of his upbringing come through.
Hmmm Cooking huh? Maybe Ant is gonna be a chef?



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Pretty cute that he is cooking for others and he finds girlfriend is too wild.
Enjoy the good days. Hopefully the time that is good will lengthen between the downward spirals.
They keep us on our toes don't they?


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Isn't it so funny when they find fault in someone who is doing something they have done themselves. My difficult child was furious a few weeks ago because he had hit one of his roomates cars in the driveway and they agreed difficult child would pay him cash to fix it instead of going through insurance, and the day difficult child paid him, the kid went out and got high and kicked out of the house. difficult child was furious that this kid used HIS money to get high. Hello!!! I just laughed and said, well now you know what it feels like :smile:

Sounds like maybe Ant is ready to settle in a little and lead a quieter life, I hope!!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">he said she is too wild </div></div>
:rofl: :rofl:

Believe it or not, my difficult child is now the biggest prude I know. The complete opposite from her wild teenaged days. Sounds like maybe Ant is finally maturing!



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Now that is just toooo funny!
I'll bet that is one thing you never in your wildest dreams thought you would hear coming from him!



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I asked boyfriend what ant hates most about Monica...he said ant said she is drunk all the time, wont work and smokes pot. well, HELLOO???
granted ant is done with drugs, but he drinks every night too.

if ant is still well, stable, til june 15, I am going to go get kaleb and let him visit ant for ant's birthday and father's day.
ant will be 24, time to grow up alright already. I only let him see Kaleb once for two hours since April.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ant'smom</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I asked boyfriend what ant hates most about Monica...he said ant said she is drunk all the time, wont work and smokes pot. well, HELLOO???



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Ah, don't you just love it when reality comes up and smacks them in the face? But he probably doesn't associate her behavior with his.....


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My difficult child son is always commenting on how others were raised. I agree it is funny, because they still dont see how different they still really are.