should 7yo get a canker sore?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by feelinalone, Mar 2, 2008.

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    He is your child. This is uncharted territory for you and when you feel alone it is easy to see major problems everywhere. I did it too. But by the 3rd kid I have calmed down a lot.

    I have taken prozac (fluoxetine) for years. Never had that.

    But CALL the doctor if it worries you.

    Here is a site that says kids as young as 2 get canker sores. Cankers cause a crater, while cold sores cause a blister.

    A simple home remedy that may make him more comfortable is to cut a tums tablet or a milk of magnesia tablet and have him hold it against the sore. A roommate of mine started me with this, it really does work. Mylanta and Milk of Mag are better than tums, at least for my husband.



    ps. We are here for you!!
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    Why couldn't it just be a mouth ulcer?

    If you're concerned, get it checked out by a doctor, or dentist.

    Other things to try - ice. It can also numb the area and reduce pain.

    If it's a mouth ulcer, you can try camomile tea (as a mouth rinse). I've also dabbed on hydrogen peroxide (I can't use those numbing gel things). Honey might also be worth a try - if possible get GOOD honey from a beekeeper, not pasteurised stuff from the supermarket. Honeycomb is good - chewing the wax afterwards, a bit like chewing gum, can also promote saliva and this also helps with antibacterial action.

    That's for a mouth ulcer, anyway.

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    Duckie has gotten these, they're theoretically related to an undetermined food allergy. Gargling with salt water helped her.
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    My kids have gotten canker sores since they were very young. Sometimes they occur in conjunction with a cold or other virus, and sometimes they appear after a slight mouth injury (as in a tooth bumping the inside of the mouth).

    Although painful, canker sores are not serious and resolve on their own. But if you are concerned, you should definitely check in with your pediatrician or dentist.
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    You might try acidophilus (sp?) - you can either get capsules at the pharmacy or health food store, or just eat yogurt. I swear by this remedy, it works even when I've bitten the inside of my mouth and then (of course) keep biting it. It can stop cold sores from ever forming.
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    sorry i'm jumping late onto everything this week :)

    i agree as well it's new territory for you and it can be unnerving when you see different things and trying to figure out if it's associated to the medications their on or not.

    id' call the doctor too

    good luck

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    I had canker sores from the age of 4 onward. My grandpa, a dentist, gave me some awful tasting medicine for them. Turns out yogurt with acidophulus works wonders to keep them at bay.

    I wouldn't worry until you get a hold of your doctor. Every one of us reacts differently to medications & such.
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    My kids have gotten them from around age 2. Usually after some kind of cold/flu. Believe it or not, my kids like Chloraseptic (you know that green spray for sore throats).

    The best part is: when they get sick and they have to take "really gross medicine" (amox., the steroids for asthma - can't think of the name, pretty much any antibiotic), I give them a spray of the Chloraseptic first, take the medications, then another spray of the "green stuff".

    The pediatrician wrote it down to suggest to other 'rents!

    Yahoo! Maybe I'll be written up in some medical journal...hee-hee!