Slowest 4-day weekend of my LIFE

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, May 31, 2010.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The kids had Friday off due to a district furlough day. Both difficult child's have a TON of school work to do. For difficult child 1, it's all make-up work. He is really behind because of all the IBS problems he's had the past two months and his anxiety making him feel overwhelmed at all the work. His teacher gave him a packet for the current novel they are studying on Wednesday and said he should take the weekend to catch up so that he could turn it all in by tomorrow. She told me on the side that she's not going to penalize him for being late at all, so that's a relief. And she just wants him to focus on the current story, not the one before this that he's also late on. He just finished the 6 assignments for the first book a few minutes ago. He still has 80% of the work from the story before this one to complete, and after he's finished with the break he's on now, I told him he has to start that work. It's been maddeningly slow going.

    difficult child 2 has a pass/fail project that's due next Thursday. And he has a major presentation to make for science due the week after (he's been working on it all quarter and it's worth 100 points of his grade -- has to schedule a dress rehearsal next week, too). He is so mentally disorganized and slow that I want to scream!

    Both boys have taken tasks that a neurotypical person would be able to complete in a few hours and stretched it into daaaaaays. In difficult child 1's case, it's because he hadn't finished reading the book, and he procrastinates because he's overwhelmed. I had to break it down into chunks for him.

    difficult child 2 I think was also overwhelmed and has problems concentrating (it's VERY quiet here this weekend so he can focus). So I had him type a list of questions that I gave him, and then he had to use the internet to find the answers. Took him 2.5 hours to answer 10 questions today. Ugh. And his typing is hunt & peck, so that slows him even more. Sometimes I will type for him while he tells me what to write, but today I wanted him to do the work. Believe me, this summer, he is going to spend some time with Mavis Beacon every single day!

    husband is annoyed that his 3-day weekend was shot, although I suggested several times he take easy child and go do something fun together. Yesterday easy child didn't want to go anywhere, and today they finally went out to see a movie.

    I am so ready for summer vacation... only 13 school days left!

    Okay, I've finished my whine. Pass the cheese and crackers.
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    Ok, here's some wheat things and aged cheddar to go with the w(h)ine.......

    I'm totally with you on being over the school year! Unfortunately, my weekend was homework free but upon reading your post I remembered that difficult child has a math project to complete by this week....guess he should have been working on this weekend.....

    Come on summer!

  3. smallworld

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    I feel for you! I actually was gone this weekend visiting my parents in Connecticut, and husband held the fort down. He got the overnight camp shopping done per my instructions, but not a whole lot of studying got done. M is sitting next to me completing her math homework, and A is in the other room completing study packets for exams (hers begin on Wednesday). Yikes! It's already 9:30 pm on the East Coast!

    Summer is coming . . .
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    Hugs-I so understand. easy child/difficult child spent the entire Memorial day-til Midnight working on two paper for Physics-both were past due. Summer can't get here soon enough!!
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And the pressure just keeps mounting! Yesterday at 4:15p I get a call from difficult child 2 letting me know he needed to stay later than his usual 3:30p - 4p language arts tutoring time to finish up the district writing prompt. He said his teacher told him he'd probably be working unitl 6:00p!!!! Now I know he needed to get it done, but geez, he had other homework to do PLUS this danged Social Studies project that's due TOMORROW (Thursday), which means he now only has this afternoon to finish it because by the time I collected him and he ate dinner it was 7:30p and he still had to finish the regular day's homework!!! Sure would have been nice if the lang arts teacher had forewarned me. How hard is it to send an email or pick up the phone? I'm tired of being stressed out over my kids' homework getting done. :whiteflag:
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    I gave up on homework stuff when Miss KT was in sixth grade, I think. Too much attitude and piddling around from her led to screaming fits, tears, and anger. I would remind her of what she had to do, and when the assignment was due, then refused to discuss it any further unless she asked for my help "like a civilized human being." She always managed to pull it out of her hat until freshman year when she failed Biology, and that was a HUGE wake up call. In order to fit Biology into her impacted schedule (because of Marching Band) meant she had to take Zero period PE. One semester of scampering around playing flag football at 6:30 am in the fog and cold was all it took.