Small town police....


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So I figure you will all appreciate this. So it is the middle of the day and I am sitting in my dining room and I see a police man walking to my door! My heart drops, I think my difficult child has done something and there is a warrant out for his arrest! I mean the only reason the police would show up would be my difficult child right???

Nope very nice cop said they had gotten a call from a neighbor who thought we were supposed to be a way and saw the garage door open! I blurted out oh I thought it had to be my son and he apologized for panicking me!

LOL. We are leaving on Thursday but it is nice to know they are looking out for us.


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Gotta love it! I live on a big military base but the Military Police station is right down the road so they are constantly driving by. I have had them come by and ask me if a ball they found across the street was mine. They do Police Call which is basically a patrol of the housing to find items left out and either pick them up to prevent damage or return them to their owners. It's nice!


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I love it!

I have to admit that I particularly smiled about the military police because as most of you know, that is what Jamie was when he was in the Marines. I still have a deep fondness for them. (And I am in love with anyone in those dress