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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by witzend, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Long story short, I was talking to L today and she asked me if we "had been in contact with M." I told her yes, we had, and we knew where he was. I said we didn't need to know any more than that and we didn't want to discuss any more than that. She asked if husband had seen M on Saturday and I told her (honestly) that I didn't know as I had been at the beach all weekend. It turns out that he had not and had not even heard from M since that one time last week. She asked if we had been in regular contact with him and I said no, that he and husband had met momentarily last week. Actually I said "for coffee", but who needs to know that husband couldn't figure out what the heck he wanted. She said that there were troubles. I told her that was their problem, that they didn't consult us or ask for advice and until they did there was nothing for us to say to them.

    I did ask her how long he had been living with my folks and she said it's been about a month. She then volunteered that he had been telling my parents that he had been in regular contact with us - once for a moment since Thanksgiving is not "regular" - and that they had been trying to get him into work programs and this and that and they think he is lying to them about what he is applying for/trying to get done. I asked her if anyone who knew M would be surprised at that and she said no. "Oh, well" was about as good as I could give on that.

    The "other shoe" is in midair... How hard will it fall?
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    Well I guess maybe they are fixing to get a taste of what they havent believed all these years? Could there maybe be a wake up call coming for them? I cant remember, is L's father also M's father? I dont think so right? Your husband is M's father right?

    Oh well...your parents have always wanted to show you up. They should be able to handle M much longer than this!!!
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    I don't know if I dare hope that, Janet. They'll just marvel at how I ruined him. husband is M's dad, and L's dad is someone else. She's only just doing a wee bit better than M, but she puts it in a much prettier package.
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    No, no I know - your parents haven't called you to tell you somehow this is all YOUR fault - He, He came to your door, and you, you locked him out, in, in a snow storm, and he, he was in shorts, and flip flops, without a dime to his name, and...he was...Valentines...and, and..he knocked for hours, and hours...and you ....ISH. - Yeah, yeah that's the one I'm tucking in MY Laboutin. Size, leather, 3" pump. :) groan.

    I'll hand it to the boy though - he's got moxi.

    Wake up call? I'll bet they need a new clock.
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    Oh how I understand. It has taken 5 long years for my biomom to understand that she can't enable difficult child. She thought she could fix him, handle him, make him "okay." For God's sake, she didn't even raise her own children---but she knew just how to fix the mistakes I had made with difficult child---until he had taken and taken and drained her dry...They will learn...but of course, it will still be your fault.