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    So, M has a strict time limit on video games because they can be a trigger for him if he plays too long and he also becomes very obsessive over them. Well, M being the clever, sneaky, little devil he is found a little loop hole to get more game time in...he go C into video games. :slap:

    So, now when he's used up his morning time or all of his time, he asks C if HE wants to play video games and of course C says "YES!" This gives M the opportunity to sit and watch and get his hands on the controller when C needs help setting the game up. He doesn't technically "play" however, so he's not breaking any offical set rules.

    I'm trying to think of a smart way to close this loop hole without totally upseting C- C does like to play the Car's game on the Wii, so I don't think it would be totally fair to say C can't play any games at all, Know what I mean?. But, I do realize that M is exploiting the loop hole.

    I don't know. Do I just Basket C it? Beyond giving C a time limit too, I don't know what to do.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    We have the same problem with difficult child's working the system so that they can still get their "fix" without technically breaking the imposed rule.

    Perhaps it would be good to impose a general limit on video games for all... An hour in the morning and/or an hour in the evening?

    OR if possible, move the video game unit into a room that can be closed off from the main living area, making it easier to separate the child from the objectional activity.

    I would consider giving M an alternate choice of activities when his game time is used up -- preferably away from the temptation -- outside using gross motor skills or busy creating something or helping you do something.

    Summertime is always a challenge for us to keep everyone constructively occupied! I've got mine in different rooms right now and the peace & quiet is wonderful!
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    You gotta love the thought process of a difficult child sometimes. So much energy put into getting around the rules and getting their own way.

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    Well maybe think of it this way...he is spending quality time with his brother! Maybe he can have X amount of time in solo game time but then he has to have X amount of time with C with the games which promotes good brotherhood. That is so important. All those important rules and values such as sharing and taking turns and good sportsmanhip come into play here.
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    What a turkey!

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    What a smartie! I guess I would give C a time limit too and leave it at that.
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    Always in there thinking - gotta love a difficult children thought processes.

    It's summer - I always let wm (& kt on her computer game) play to their heart's content. I considered it respite.

    Not that the tweedles don't get outside to play - these games are about the only thing that keeps sitting in one place with-o arguing for any length of time.