So another meeting of the minds......

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, May 16, 2007.

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    Actually two in the next 2 days. Tomorrow is a team meeting for kt; reviewing the treatment/care plan in place, etc, etc, etc, here at my home. I just love entertaining all these SWs, tdocs, CMs. I do what must be done. I don't anticipate any surprises at this meeting.

    Friday I meet with the 2 specialist tdocs who will be working individually with the tweedles & then supervising,attending visits between the tweedles. After that it's a therapy appointment with attachment therapist who works with wm.

    I'm digging out any & all information on kt & wm's interactions & the regressive, chaotic & symbiotic, almost parasitic behaviors they present when in each other's presence.

    Next week these 2 in home tdocs will be meeting with attachment tdocs that are seeing the tweedles every 2 weeks. The 4 of them will plan & coordinate visitation & coping skills.

    Okay, are you following? Can someone explain it to me? :hammer:

    There are so many people intervening on behalf of kt & wm that I've lost track of names. If it's a lady she's Babs - a man is Bob. :smile:
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    I don't know how you keep it all straight! Babs or Bob hey? :rofl:
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    I'm horrible with names and nickname people in my head anyway. I always said I could never have an affair because I could never keep the names straight. It's genetic. My grandmother would go through all 3 of her boys, my brother and even the dog before she got my name out. :smile:

    I'd make name tags...some for the girls (Babs) and some for the boys (Bob)...and pass them out when they come over. :angel: :rofl:

    Hey, we have to take our entertainment where we can get it.
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    My list of service providers & mental health contacts seems to get longer the older the tweedles get. I had hoped it would get smaller.

    My PDA has a category for kt, a category for wm, a category for service providers, one for school/day treatment & one for therapists.

    I seriously have to check out my PDA before a meeting & figure out who I'm dealing with. I was considering asking if I could take their picture & put it in my PDA next to their name so I could keep up.

    Still - Babs & Bob brings comic relief around here.
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    I like the Babs and Bob idea! :wink:

    Sometimes when I'm at a meeting called for difficult child I realize that I have sat and listened for several minutes without saying a word and it freaks me out a bit. So many people deciding the fate and future of my very own difficult child. In the best interest of the child, of course.

    It is a strange phenomenon that parents of typical kids would have no comprehension of.

    Good luck.

    PS: The name tags or pics in your PDA sound like a good idea. In our circle of support staff, there seem to be a lot of Mike's. Wonder if they would object to all being called Mike? lol :laugh:
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    I think the pictures in the PDA is a GREAT idea!!! If you think about it, who would really be offended by that?

    I can't imagine a list of specialists that long. With us, it always feels like the opposite. As soon as we have someone to work with, we don't have anyone. :p
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    We are finally down to one in home therapist, in school therapist, school psychiatric, school psychiatric tech, psychiatrist, neurologist, urologist and pediatrician for Aly. Whew/phew! That is down from the 20 or so it was a year ago!

    But now we have Jayme...Occupational Therapist (OT), PT, ST, Special Education Teacher, Special Education coordinator, Pediatrician, Neurologist, Dev pediatrician and soon a Cardiologist.

    If I lose my calendar, I am in deep doo doo!!

  8. On_Call

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    husband thinks it's funny, but when I shop for a new purse, I have to make sure that my date book fits. All of our appointments are in there, along with dr business cards, shot records, blood work order slips, etc. If the purse doesn't fit the job, I have to pass!