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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Apr 29, 2008.

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    is packing her bags. She's not sure where she's going but she's announced that she's leaving because I'm the meanest Mom in the world. Why am I the meanest Mom, you ask? Because I told her that the continually disrespectful way she talks to me won't be tolerated anymore. That's when she announced she was leaving. She was a little surprised when I tossed the suitcases into her room and told her to pack up. She's now trying to figure out how to move both suitcases while riding her bike. :faint:
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    Awwww....poor kiddo to have the worlds meanest mom!

    This so reminds me of that commercial where the little boy is walking down the street, holding his teddy bear and his little suitcase. Mom is driving slowly down the street behind
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    Oh goodness...sorry, you made me giggle. My Dad said the same thing to me....I was a little bit older though. Funny thing, I can't remember what happened.....I'm sure I went crying off in the yard & ended up in my warm, cozy bed. He even asked me if I needed any help packing! And, I bet he would have strapped the suitcases to my bike for me! LOL! My sister, on the other hand, just said "I'm leaving" & took off in her pj's......running down the street (long street)......never looked back, until Dad decided to go catch up to her. She came back screaming, yelling & kicking....all hanging over his shoulder. MEMORIES ;)
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    been there with difficult child II just 2 weeks ago. he packed all his underwear and socks, granola bars and his father's drum sticks, and off he went. He stopped at every one of his friend's house, and sobbed to them and their parents, about his terrible life. It wasn't too hard to track him down.
  5. Star*

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    Dude did this to me one time. He yelled "I'm leaving" and went in his room to pack his stuff in my suitcases. I went in dumped the suitcase out, put it back in my closet and tossed him some trash bags. I told him if he was going to leave - go....and then decided to help him. I shoved all the junk I could get in a bag in it - kicked open the front door and heaved all his trash bag filled crud onto the front lawn and said "IT was NICE knowing you - now GET OUT." and pushed him literally out the front door. I said "When you can abide by my rules,and treat your family decent we'll talk about you coming home to stay."

    WIth that I shut the front door and watched as a brave Dude tried to figure out what had just happened - (I am a fast packer and faster when I know YOU don't want to be in MY house) and he picked up one bag - drug it behind him, threw a teddy bear in defiance at the house - and sat in the woods for 3 hours. DF acted like he was going to look for him and then Dude came out of the woods with his trash bag full of junk.

    He did run away twice after that - but he NEVER said "I'm leaving home."

    I wish I had a camera take a picture of the look on his face when I hurled all his clothes out on the lawn. He told me it hurt his feelings and I told him what he said was hurtful too - but if he didn't want to be here - he didn't have to stay - he just was NOT taking my luggage.
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    Let me know if she finds a place where they love her and put up with her more than you and I'll send difficult child there. He can even drive. LOL.

    You meanie! expecting to be spoken to in the same way she speaks to teachers and other adults.

    I like the visual of her pedaling with two suitcases.
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    Tm, how can you be the meanest mom in the world? My kids tell me I'm the meanest mom in the world.
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    We've been there done that with difficult child. We helped him pack his bag. I'm not sure he ever made it to the end of the driveway. You handled it well you mean mom you!
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    I want to know if she manages to figure out the bike issue with the suitcases.....ought to be interesting.

    Whatever were you thinking?? lmao
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    Well, I suggested she put the suitcases in the wagon then come back for the bike later. It would be in the middle of the driveway where she had left it (assuming it wasn't stolen by then). She packed some underwear, socks, pj's and her favorite stuffed animal in the outside of the suitcase before taking our suggestion to stay through dinner at least. We advised her to make sure she dressed warm since it would near freezing tonight and she had nowhere to go.

    She said she'd stay with her friend "A" since she was an only child too and they have an extra bedroom. Plus, her Mom is nice. She was absolutely crestfallen when I advised her they were out of town this week. husband warned her to stay out of the woods because of the coyotes. He also told her we'd take care of her difficult child cat since she'd have no way to care for her. :(

    I told her she could stay if she changed her mind, but the rule is that we treat each other with respect. I explained that if husband treated me the way she does, that I could divorce him in a heartbeat because it's abuse.

    Finally, she decided it would be best for me if she stayed because I would miss her too much. :rofl:
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    Nice of her to make you a priority. roflao
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    Amazing how even children this young can figure out a way to "justify" their behavior.

    I've worn out many pair of Nike's trying to keep up with-my difficult child. Sounds like you may need to stock up soon. lol
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    This story I have a feeling will be related to grandchildren when they eventually come along.
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    Oh TM, I'm rollin' here! The coyote warning may have been what finally put it over the top!

    You people are GOOD!


    Mine never threatened to run away from home ... but when my son was about four he decided that he was going to go live in the back yard shed because he was mad at me. Of course he would still come in for dinner! We lived in the country on the edge of the woods and I think it was the sound of all those owls that made him change his mind.
  15. Big Bad Kitty

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    Because YOU would miss HER too much!!

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    LOVE the ending to the story!!!!!!
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    Too funny!, LMAO, and yes, I am also the meanest mom! difficult child once said to me I hate you, then turned around a second later and said - no, I hate you ALL the way! So I guess that makes me the ALL THE WAY hated mom not the meanest?! Put a gps on the bike!
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    Must be in the air! Because she did not like a consequence that she totally deserved, N told us last night that she wants to go back to _________(old home). I asked her how she was going to get there, to which she responded that she wasn't going right now. husband then asked when she was going, so we can make sure that she has what she needs. I added that we would need to have a going away party too. She got so annoyed- It was actually funny! She then said that she wasn't really going (stubbornly of course), that she just felt like it. Instead she was going to hide under her covers so she wouldn't have to see us!
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    :i'mback::bigsmile:Awwwwww! LOL!