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    difficult child goes back to camp.

    He has been incredibly disrespectful along with pushing boundaries big time. He is also throwing things at others a lot when he is angry which is often. The person who comes into work with him today got to see some of difficult child in action. He's seen some of it before when he has come and seen some of it in the hospital because he works in Occupational Therapist (OT) there but today he got to see a little more. He wasn't phased at all-told me it was good that he got to see him like this.

    I so love this boy but he is wearing me out!:( We go back in mid-July for a transition meeting to see if the county program he is in will keep him longer. He is way over his 18 months and they have extended 2 times already so I'm not sure they will again.

    However, their goal is to keep kids in their homes and while I can't say he is in danger of hospitalization I will tell them he is in danger of being placed in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    It is a shame he is being so hard to live with. Do the docs treat throwing things similarly to the way they handle other violence? is he just throwing to throw, or to destroy something (someone else's or his own items?), or is he throwing them to try to hurt someone? Getting him to not throw things, or to stop after he throws one thing, may take a lot of hard work from everyone. It is hard to know what to do when he is throwing things, isn't it?

    It is great to hear that the in-home guy saw some of difficult child's koi and isn't scared off by it. Maybe this will be the guy who can really get through to difficult child so that things can change for the better.

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    I think he is throwing to hurt. Yesterday when he and easy child/difficult child were in a verbal argument he threw a shoe and hit her in the head. Later he was mad at me and threw the tv remote at my legs. Sometimes he throws to break to break. Seldom does he throw his own stuff. His psychiatrist and others still treat it the same-I just know at this point hospitalization isn't a real option-he would need something longer term. We just reached on Saturday a therapeutic dose for difficult child's new medication and he will still need to increase.
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    I was hoping that maybe he had found something to do instead of hurting people. It doesn't sound like it at all. I can remember spending a lot of time trying to figure out where Wiz' desire to hurt others came from. I never could figure it out. Are you reaching the point where you are ready to find an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (and funding) for him? Or do you plan to try to wait a bit longer before doing that?

    Hopefully the new medication will quickly become effective and that he will be ready to accept help in the very near future. It bites to love someone as much as you love difficult child and have that person want to hurt you.