So, how was your day today?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by carolanne, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Mine was the same it's always been for the last 20 years. The kids were up early and had their egg hunt. Johnnie was a riot and thought it was unfair that it didn't last all day:) The girls enjoyed the embroidery craft kit I put together for them...they'd been wanting to learn so I thought it would make a great gift.

    I put up a huge meal...turkey, cheesy scalloped potatoes, sweet corn, biscuits, gravy and a double layer devil's food cake....the kids and I sat down while husband slept the entire day away.

    In fact, it's 9pm and he just got up and whined about no dinner being left out. I said we had a nice one and cleaned up and put everything in the fridge and you are welcome to make up a plate for yourself. He's a little miffed, went to the basement to pout but I am through....

    Now I am off to bed after a nice warm whiskey and the kids are already snoring know, it was a nice day for me because I didn't think about difficult child and what she may have been doing and I stopped thinking/caring that husband was/is still removed from us....something has switched this weekend.....

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    I know exactly what you mean. I have as yet to go back to "normal" as husband likes to put it. In other words, me doting on him hand and foot. ugh Nope, don't think so. lol And for the record....I'd have done the same to husband if he'd decided to sleep the day away. (actually I have many times)

    We had a nice day. Since I'm spending my spring break doing spring cleaning I'd already informed everyone I wouldn't be doing the formal dinner this year. So I didn't have that to mess with.

    Nichole set up an Easter egg hunt in boyfriend's backyard for Darrin and Aubrey. So the family headed over there to watch them be adorable. lol All except the boyfriend's Mom who blew a fuse over the hunt and took off. (missing all the fun) easy child also brought along her husband's 5 yr old sister to make the hunt more fun.

    Oh, the kids had a blast. It was too cute. Weather was perfect. And they did really well finding the eggs. No fussing. It was wonderful. :redface:

    Then husband and I came home. I cooked supper for a change. (a benefit of a clean kitchen lol) And then we just relaxed. The family will be going to mother in law's tomorrow for a nice visit.

    So for us the day went smoothly and relaxed. boyfriend's Mom attempted to insert Drama into the day and everyone ignored it and had fun anyway. lmao

    Glad you had a really nice day Carolanne. You certainly deserved it.

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    DL, I am not sure what clicked in my brain this weekend but my soul is content with the choices I have made and how I have grown as a parent....does that make sense?

    It's Monday morning and I am taking time to have a coffee and write to some friends who I haven't written to in a while and the letters are all upbeat and positive. And I am sure that will knock them for a loop;)

    I have done what I can to protect my grandchild....there isn't anything else I can do and I refuse to beat myself up over a situation I cannot change any longer. Adults make adult decisions and some of them are darned hard to live with but she will have to carry the burden of her choices the same way the rest of us do.

    It's my turn to take care of myself again....maybe this time I can make myself a priority..

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    You sound at peace.

    That is a nice place to be.