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    difficult child and her old man came over for dinner last...heh heh heh, I love calling him that. Anyway, during dinner I casually mention that I had a dream they asked to live with us for a month...and before I could finish telling the dream, they both said, in unison, "Oh, Im sorry." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA - VERY FUNNY, I think, that was their initial response. Later, difficult child asked me if I said yes or no, lol.
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    Ohhhhhhhh just the fact that she even asked IS the funny part.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    Old Man............*snicker*
    I slipped it in on katie once that M is old enough to be a grandfather. lol He's a whopping 2 yrs younger than me. we've established that I'm mean.

    Hmm. What's with this dream now?? Cuz the other night I had one about katie, which I rarely ever do.......seems the FBI was investigating both her and M..........

    I woke up and did a wth? lol
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    Well, E isn't that old, but he is 30 with two boys ages 8 and 7, so he's considerably 'older' than 21 y/o difficult child, Know what I mean?? It's funny, sometimes I will be telling a story and referencing something from years ago and E gets it and difficult child is sitting there with this blank look on her face. E understands a lot of what H and I talk about mostly because all of his siblings are much older than him. He is the product of a second marriage and his mom was around 40 when she had him, so that explains that. HOwever, chronological age aside, his personality and maturity level are closer to difficult child's - she being an old soul of sorts, lol. Whatever, it seems to work between them.

    We had them over for brunch on Easter and his boys were with him (we've only met a couple of times briefly) - it was nice, but I forgot how rowdy little boys are!
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    Well............I'm not really one to cast stones. husband is 16 yrs my senior. However I can say for us it has never been an issue. I've always said I was born a few generations too late. lol

    But we always enjoyed the same things, same interest.

    My problem with M is that while he's 2 years younger than me...........he acts like a 10-12 yr old. bleh If he acted like a normal person his age I doubt I'd think about it much.
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    Maybe in another life H&R was a biker babe?

    Next thing you know she'll be swinging a leg to get rid of web head. lol