So sad and worried


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Kanga left for school this morning all nervous about the final tryout for an elite boys team. The coach just called and cut her :sad:

Having watched the tryouts, I agree that she wasn't quite good enough to make it. She was the last one cut at her position. And I'm grateful that he called this morning so that she doesn't have to attend the last tryout and get cut in front of her friends.

To add insult to injury, her sister made the team at her age-level.

I have the wonderful job of telling her when she gets home from school.

I'm praying that she is strong enough that it doesn't send her back into a depressive state. :crying:


good luck. I know my difficult child would not take it well. heck, I hold my breath everytime he is up to bat.


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Well, she'll be home in 10 minutes. My stomach hurts. I did run out to Target and buy her a new outfit and little dangly heart earrings. Clothes usually cheer her up :smile:

And to ice the cake, the child cut in favor of my little one has accused the club of favoring my child because I work there. (Okay, then explain how Kanga got cut. There are no guarantees. Another employee has a child that is possibly getting cut at his age level. You can't build elite teams without taking the best kids.)

Ugh Ugh Ugh


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The hardest part will be to show your happiness to the one who made the team without ticking off Kanga....good luck with the news.... It is a lesson to learn in life though....not everybody makes the "team"....


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I'm so proud of Kanga. She took it like a easy child. She was very disappointed and cried for a while. Then she wanted to know who else was cut. This morning she was already talking about how long until tryouts for the next level. She's going to be okay :smile:

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts,