Some Bad News...Some Good News...


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Difficult Child was in a pretty bad accident last week. Pretty sure the car is totaled-just waiting for the insurance adjuster to confirm. She was banged up pretty good. My God the bruises from the seat belt! I've never seen anything like it. Horrifying! She also sprained her ankle. I swear if you took a pin to it it would POP! The cop said if she hadn't been wearing the seat belt, she would be dead.

Good news is she passed the breathalizer and the EMT's asked her for blood to test for several things and all were clean. She actually said "take all you need, I have nothing to hide." Now I know there are some drugs that won't show up but for the first time in a looooong time, I have confidence she was telling the truth.

Hospital scanned her whole body and there were no internal injuries, thankfully. They offered pain medications and she refused them. The next night she was in severe pain. So much so her boyfriend called the ambulance because he was scared and didn't know what else to do. The ambulance came but told her they could only give her a ride to the hospital where she would be offered pain medications. She refused to go.

Good news...the next day she woke up feeling better. She told hubby that she was so glad she didn't take anything because she would have attributed feeling better to the medications and then would have wanted to take more. That was profound.

After 6 months of having GS full time, Difficult Child also said to me for the 1st time how blessed she is to have me (she tells her dad all the time but never me). I was shocked and pleased. I've been waiting a long time for a little acknowledgement and appreciation. A little bit goes so far!!

She'll have 6 months on Sunday. We are so proud of her for her progress.


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Hi stressedmama,

You must be counting blessings...Thank God Difficult Child is okay after a wreck like that. How scary!
I too am very impressed that she turned down pain medications.
My son would be taking all they would give him and more!

How wonderful to get some appreciation too!
A little really does go a long way. I think that "attitude of gratitude" is a sure sign of sobriety.

Happy for you all,


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Sorry - but I got goose bumps reading that - I am so happy to read good news!! Refusing pain medications is HUGE, in my opinion!! <3


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Thank you all! We are going to be seeing her today. We are meeting for dinner and taking GS. We didn't tell him but I swear he has a sixth sense about her. We made dinner plans with Difficult Child yesterday afternoon while he was still at daycare and last night he asked me when we were going to take him to see mommy.

Last time we saw her was also a surprise. He picked up a rock before we left and he said it was to give mommy. It's like he knew.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but we have the permanent guardianship hearing next month. Pretty confident all will go smoothly as Difficult Child doesn't plan on attending and GS's dad petitioned to be present by phone as he lives far away but he said he didn't want to change anything. He just wanted the Court to know he was interested and involved (as much as he can be that far away). Wish us smooth sailing!

Lastly, Hubs and I met with the play therapist yesterday for our intake. One more meeting with her next Tuesday and then we'll schedule an appointment for GS. He's been doing much better lately but I think this process will help all of us in dealing with those times when he's not doing so great with abandonment issues, etc.

Have a great day all! Hugs!!


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I agree with PG, but I didn't think about it until she wrote it out.

Now that my daughter is clean, it is really hard to get her to take anything, no matter how sick she is, not even a Tylenol. She has turned into a health nut and is into alternative health methods and really hates any sort of drug. I really think that, as of now, your daughter is on the right track. Another good sign is if she has started distancing from her old druggie friends.

Happy your daughter is ok and doing well in all areas :)


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MWM, yes, she has completely distanced herself from druggie friends. The only people she associates with (including her boyfriend) are all in recovery. Even her boss. She's living about 45 minutes away from us and said she will never move back to our town, back to her people, places and things. They are actually planning on going to a meeting tonight in our town since they won't get back home in time to catch their regular meeting.