someone hit me from behind

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    AGAIN. Fifth time! Three other times I was in our other car (older) once in my mothers. Last time I got off the interstate and stopped at a red light and the Hummer behind me didn't stop. That was expensive but he had insurance.
    Friday I was on my way to psychiatrist appointment. and stopped at a red light. Car behind stopped but then apparently "she went into her purse" and hit me. I got out and said "I wish people would learn how to drive and quit hitting me". She said sorry, no damage, I'm in a hurry. I looked at my bumper (new car, 2 years old) we try to keep it washed, waxed and taken care of. I told her, no, you cracked my bumper. Small crack 2" x 3". She had two other adults in the car and two babies. They all start yelling at me. I said I am going to call the police, I want a record of this. So, I call police and my easy child to come. She in the mean time called 2 other adults to come. All 5 of them are in my face yelling at me saying she didn't do that damage, it was there. Police come and seperate us. Police come back and hand me a paper with her information on it stating she has no insurance.(not mandatory in Wisconsin)Police said there is nothing they can do it is a "he"said "she" said situation. They told me if damage is over $1000 that I can file with the state and the state will persue it. To my knowledge, no citation was issued even though she admitted to "tapping" me! I was told all I can do is take her to small claims court. I noticed the driver and the owner are two different people with two different addresses. I stopped at some little shop on my way home and that estimate is $629. I spoke to my insurance guy and he said I have $500 and my insurance would go up if I placed a claim. So, now I intend to get another estimate(only 1 is needed BHDT)I think I will go to the dealer for an estimate, then take her and the owner to court. Don't know what will happen since she claims the damage was there. If it would of been the other car, I wouldn't care. But the way she treated me, and the fact that this is our new car has me steaming mad. I hate to have my new car running around with a cracked bumper.
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    I just saw that I already posted about this..I must of really been out of it because I don't remember doing it. Sorry. I would delete this one if I could. sorry.
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    K, I am an insurance agent. Your rates should not go up, this was clearly not your fault. We have people who file a claim with their insurance co, because they cannot get results from the at fault partys carrier. And I assure people that it won't make their rates go up, especially if there was a police report made and it is indicated on there you were not at fault.
    You will be responsible for your deductible, but I wouldn't let your car remain damaged, esp if its a new one.
    As far as there being prior damage, just take it to the body shop (dealerships usually do a better job) and get your estimate and take what the company is willing to offer. The other thing to keep in mind if you decide to not get it fixed is that there can be underlying damage. I had someone hit the panel above my tire, it looked like just body damage, but when the body shop went to repair it, there was damage to the stuff underneath that would have eventually made the car break down.
    Just my 2 cents...and if i were you i would question your insurance agent a little more and ask him why that would make your rates go up if it was clearly not your fault. You can even call the company headquarters in some cases and get a second opinion.