Son FINALLY "got it"!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, Apr 24, 2012.

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    so excited I just had to post.

    We've always had an issue about when homework is considered "done". Mostly because he'd do it all, including any extra credit stuff, but never hand it in. Sometimes because he forgot, but other times becaue he forgot to print it out or put it in his backpack.

    Anyway he just walked through and I asked him if he was "done". He told me no, not yet. So I figured he was going to his room to work on the current project. OK.

    Ten seconds later, he came out "singing" the Indiana Jones Theme letting me know his project was DONE. IOW Finished, printed and put in his backpack. AND he emailed a copy to his teacher for good measure!

    :wootsmiley:WOOT! :choir::likeit:
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    Wow!!! That is wonderful!! I wish some of that would rub off on my difficult child
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    Wonderful! :)
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    OK, so what did you do different?
    I figure - if we're "responsible" for all the stuff that goes wrong, then we HAVE to get the credit for what goes right, right?
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    Nah, I'm one of the lucky ones - I don't get blamed for everything. I think it was his way of thanking me for nagging him to keep up with his work. They were reading To Kill a Mockingbird and he had absolutely zero interest in the book. I nagged and harassed so much he eventually found his own motivation - eventually. It ended up due mid week (today) so he wasn't going to have another weekend to catch up like he's had in the past.
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    WOW!! That is a wonderful thing!!!
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    I am SO jealous...
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    HOLY COW! That is truly great! I love progress like often has to last a LONG time on the list of issues! LOL Congrats!