Son released from psychiatric hospital, doing ok.

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  1. difficult child has been in the partial program under the care of his regular psychiatrist since he was discharged from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on Oct. 14. psychiatrist has been concerned because he has felt that they discharged him too soon (apparently this has happened with another of his patients recently too), I guess the state has a new company or whatever that does the case reviews. Anyway, he is concerned that difficult child will regress and end up again in acute so he wants to keep a close eye on him for at least a few more weeks. psychiatrist did say yesterday morning at treatment team that difficult child is doing well and is in the best condition he has ever seen him. This is great!

    easy child/difficult child has really been struggling. For the past weeks she has been rapid cycling, sometimes several times an hour. She has been exhausted. She has not been to school for probably 3 weeks. I have met with the school several times. They have recommended homebound. We met with psychiatrist the other day, he filled out the forms to place easy child/difficult child on homebound status until the end of the semester. He had placed her on Trileptal a few weeks ago and had titrated her up to 450mg 2x day, she was still cycling pretty bad, so he said the other day that we need to get this under control. He added Abilify 2x day, we are going to titrate up to 3mg for now. I am supposed to call today and leave a message for him as to how she is doing. She was pretty manic yesterday during the day and then crashed early and slept through the night and was up at 7am this morning. Today will be day 3 on the Abilify and she will be at 2mg starting today, so we will see how she is.
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    I'm glad you have a psychiatrist that's so involved! My fingers are crossed that difficult child continues to do well and that easy child/difficult child can get this cycling under control. When will the homebound become effective? You must be exhausted... {{{Hugs}}}
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    Good news about difficult child! I hope he continues on a good path.

    easy child/difficult child - I hope the abilify helps and homebound helps her.
  4. Thank you tiredmommy and busywend.

    I am very pleased with their psychiatrist, he genuinely acts like he cares too. I had heard that from other parents when we first started going to him too.

    I left a message with the school counselor this past Wednesday after we left the psychiatrist office that we were going ahead with the homebound. easy child/difficult child has a therapy appointment tomorrow and she will have her therapist complete her portion of the paperwork and then I will drop it off at the school Tuesday morning. Hopefully it wont take too long to get the ball rolling on it.

    I have seen some definite improvement with the added abilify over the last couple of days, she is definitely more even than she has been in weeks, she has one more increase in dose to go.

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    Glad to hear difficult child is doing well and that psychiatrist is involved and wants to keep a close eye on things. Glad you are seeing some improvement with the Abilify with easy child/difficult child. I hope the rapid cycling is under control soon. Gentle hugs to you!