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    I understand the income limitations before SSDI is affected. Are there too many hours that you can work? I am looking for part time work, much more limited job responsibilities than before I was disabled, and I have an interview coming up. Ideally, I would like to work only 15 hours a week, however that seems to be nearly impossible to come by. If I work 20 hours a week, but stay under the $1,000 a month income limit, is SSDI going to decide I am no longer disabled?

    I put a call into my attorney, but it's a holiday weekend...
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    Yeah, I've seen that, but it's murky like most SSA publications. It gets me to...I think I can, but I'm not sure. When you click on the link "How We Can Help", it uses words like "generally". I'll have to talk to my attorney. 20 hours is going to be pushing it for me physically as it is - especially with all of difficult child's appointments on top of it - and I don't want to jeopardize my disability because I can't work more than that and can't live on even the 20 hours a week by itself.
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    Flutter, it goes strictly by income. My hours have varied over the years as have the pay scales. As long as you stay under the $1000 before taxes, you're fine. I've been watching that on and off for 20 years now.
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    What TeDo said. I work too but only about 20 hours a week at a very low paying job. There's no way I could go full-time now. When I started working I let the SSA know and they asked for my first paycheck stub. Next they sent me a letter that they did a medical review and they found that I cannot work full-time and thanks for letting them know about the job (I don't know about the review- they said they did it but never contacted my doctors - I think they just reviewed the paycheck stub).

    I've heard that you should sent them paycheck stub but I never have so I called the SSA about a month ago. The lady said don't worry about it - if we need anything we'll ask for it.

    So I think you'll be fine if you don't go over the income limit.
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    Thanks ladies!
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    My $ limit was $710. Contact SSDI and tell them that you want a "ticket to work". They'll send you a graph on how much you can earn every year.

    While your attorney was paid by part of your benefit when you had him help obtain your benefit, he is no longer free. He will charge you his regular hourly rate to answer this question. There's no reason to not contact Social Security and ask for yourself. They're not going to hunt you down and check whether or not you're working or what kind of work you're doing. They'll just answer your question and move on to the next phone call.