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  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    O>M. STARS!!!!!!

    THAT one is being printed out and going on the fridge RIGHT NEXT to


    THANKS MUSTANG - (There for a moment I thought it was a Cloe nephew picture) but was brave and opened it. lol

    Pootie Star is getting a name change to POOTIE NO. OR WHATNOW? Not sure -

    Have no idea why but all of a sudden she decided that the living room was the place to poop, that both my toolbox locks needed to be chewed off, that 3 pairs of my underwear in the laundry room would look better strewn across our lawn, 4 washcloths and 1 gigantic towel were placed out in the yard with the unmentionables. She dug up my Pandora vine -probably did me a favor. Dug a hole next to the foundation that she can nearly fit into and according to DF if she doesn't knock it off today she can STAY there ====if you Know what I mean?.

    It's like she flipped her wig and just wanted to be a difficult child today - but.....I look at that silly little face and those perky ears....and I WUV HER....YESH I DOOOOOOOo. But maybe not so much after having to drag out the carpet cleaner on my ONLY dang day off while I'm trying to finish writing a kids book. Grrrrrrrrrrr:mad:
  3. Abbey

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    Bad doggie.

    It reminds me of when Abbey (the parrot, not me...I'm not particular to pens) ate a Bic pen. $130 later I found out she was just fine.

  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star maybe it was a difficult child doggie day? Betsy sort of went off her nut too. No pottying in the house. (thank goodness) But caught her happily lapping up Darrin's glass of milk much to his dismay. Then she decided she just had to "play" plastic toy soldiers with him......her version of playing was to see how many soldiers she could chew up before I caught her. Then chasing Bruce all over the house, Bruce was not in the mood to play. lol Asking to go out to potty every 3 seconds even though she didn't need to go............Trying to find out just what Bruce does in that covered box in the bathroom.........snatching bites at Bruce's cat food everytime Nichole forgot to close the babygate to the bathroom.........

    sister in law needs to get my yard gate fixed. I think her problem today was she hasn't been able to romp in the yard this whole past week. argh!

    Too cute with the picture. I don't want to think of how many times I've caught Betsy with highlighter pens............. :rofl:
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    The picture was too cute! My first thought was that mstang was trying to pimp Pootie out again, LOL!!

    Sorry Pootie had a difficult child day. Maybe it was having you home but busy that triggered her difficult child day. Sorry the neighbors got to see your unmentionables. We had a friend who's golden retriever used to WEAR any undies he could find in laundry baskets. It would be the funniest thing, to go over there right after work for a cookout or something and as soon as teh door opened the dog would come running out with undies on her head - reminded me of living in a dorm with guys on the other end of the hall!

    auntie Susiestar loves Pootie, yesh she does, yesh she does, Pootie is such a pretty puppie, such a sweet baby, yesh she is.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OMG - Last night after typing this?

    She nabbed a cookie - off the coffee table and DF got her to DROP it - and broke it in 1/2 and gave 1/2 to Bull and 1/2 to Casp....and Pootie sat there next to me SOOOOOOO adorable and wagging and OH BOY A COOKIE - and when there was NONE left? She crawled up on the couch next to me like someone had whipped her - did 2 turns, sighed, laid her head on my lap and gave me PUPPY eyes while I "tried" to finish my milk and cookies.....

    and you know when DF left the room POOTIE got HER she's going to be my rotten dog.....

    We went to the PetsMart with her...and this may not be such a big deal to anyone else - but Bull and Casper "look" too scary to take into public, and I'm not sure - but Casper doesn't like people so well.....Momma and Jesus I think and taking a kid TO the pet shop was huge....

    And there sitting by the door were little Pootie and me .......and she figured out if she stepped on the mat that the door opened....and Princess Butts in the air had herself a GRAND TIME jumping on the pad, openeing the door, and backing off.....then puppy growls.....then ON the pad to open the door.....backing up.....puppy growls and backing off...this went on about 15 times and I'm just sitting there thinking "How smart is that?"
    And the manager came over and said "Something wrong with the door?" and Pootie IMMEDIATELY sat next to me and never moved. lol......I shrugged.....(we both knew he is a moron) he left......and she looked over her shoulder....and DID IT AGAIN.....

    DF said "Sure is nice to have a kid we can take in public that doesn't have a melt down, scare the bejeezers out of people or act out. I mean out of ALL our kids who would have thought Pootie?" - She just kept walking out the auto door and I never told DF she had outsmarted the petstore mgr.

    Gosh if she gets any cuter......:tongue: AND her bottom lip sticks out so it REALLY looks like shes pouting when she gets's just awful. lol
  7. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Pootie ismy precious girl, yesh she is, oh yesh she is! Such a smart pootie girl, outsmarting the moron manager, strong smart girl, that's my Pootie pie, such a sweetie, yesh she is oh yesh Aunti Susie Star thinks she is!!
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Aunt SEWSHE?


    Love Pootie

    -Momma took my Bobo because I chewed up her shoe.....I took the RIGHT shoe. Not correct? lol She gave me old ugly rubber toy - belch. Then walked away muttering something about HOW in the world did I get the door open to her closet and WHY was I chewing her shoes, and WHY did she bother buying shoes because if I'm only going to eat them she'll just cut out the middle man, throw ALLLLLLLLL my toys away and just give me shoes to play with.

    Mommie is funny when she's angry.
  9. mstang67chic

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    First of all.....she's POOTIE!!! Why wouldn't she be smarter than some stupid manager?

    And, I have to ask.....what does your SO think of all this Pootie talk and all of the pictures you print out? LOL

    Pootiekins is such a good girl!! **rubs cheeks and ears and kisses on the snout** Yes she is...she's my little girl isn't she!
  10. Abbey

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    Would Pootie like a parrot friend or two....or three to hang out with? ;)