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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Dec 16, 2008.

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    The principal called about 10 mins after I read Star's response to another thread on difficult child's update! I explained to her what was going on. She said "Oh no, no, no ,no,,no" when I told her who difficult child was trying to hang around with and what difficult child is doing. She's fine with recommending the county "team" and is in agreement with going ahead and pursuing the waiver and study and the team thing can/will be dropped if one or both of these come thru and work out. But, in case they don't, she'll start making calls and get on this tomorrow morning. She said she was told by school psychiatric that an iep meeting had to refer this first. I didn't want to say that I'm pretty sure sd psychs don't know as much as they think they do sometimes (and really, it might just be the policy of this sd), but the coordinator that heads this funding had told me otherwise. I gave her that contact name and number so she can call and talk to her tomorrow. I told her that the lady said whoever made this referral would lead the county team and the principal agreed that it was preferrable for the school to do that than the PO. Also, I said if she needed me to sign a release form so this coordinator could discuss what I told her, then we could do that thru faxing and I'll sign it.

    Sheeewwww....please keep fingers crossed!! And -

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    Way To Go, klmno! You truly are a warrior mom. Good luck.
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    Thanks, Smallworld- also, I told her that we are on the verge of acute inpatient right now- psychiatrist, therapist, and myself are aware that all eyes need to be wide open and watching for that line to be approached closely enough to qualify.
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    Yea for you!!! your are strong and so so capable. keep plugging away!! It's been a rough couple of weeks for you.

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    Another bit of good news that I forgot to mention- I called difficult child's therapist this morning and we chatted a bit about keeping a watchful eye. And, he said he would work with me to keep seeing difficult child if I got the waiver for medicaid!! I'm so glad about that! Now, tomorrow, I can look into that further!! therapist said medicaid would cover 26 visits. I figure that is 6 mos worth and a lot could change in 6 mos, you know??

    But, if a person is on medicaid and they NEED counseling in order to stay functional, why wouldn't medicaid pay for it as long as it's needed? I wonder if maybe we could file for an extension?
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    You rock Klmno!:warrior:
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    You ROCK!! I am so glad this is working out this way!!!!
    As for medicaid, it is probably standard to cover a certain # of visits - after that they have to assess things and see if they need more, or if they are OK, or whatever. They will also problem have to assess every few months if he is eligible for medicare (but that is no big deal, at least here anyway).

    Big HUGS!!!!
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    Thanks, Susie & WO!! Without the support and encouragement and advice here, I would have caved a long time ago!!