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    Hello Board Peeps:

    I wanted to thank you all for getting me through the month of June with my difficult child 1. To refresh, I learned of my difficult child's suicide planning and severe depression and well......came to the board to be propped up through it all.

    I will say, I borrowed from everyone's strength here to get her set. A treatment plan is in place and some bufferering to be done to the school year plan and I predict good things.

    The tough thing is that now that she is squared away, I am just gobsmacked by the thought that I could have lost her. And I am thrown back to the shock, guilt, grief etc that comes with the whole process. Although I went through all of this with difficult child 2, it is still emotionally ROUGH. Some days my heart just hurts. And some days I am just tooo tired.

    thanks again all for getting me through the tough first part. Glad to report that treatment planning predicts excellent results. Kudos to all for helping another 'CD Board Gift from God" on the road to health.
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    That's why we call this a "soft place to land." I'm glad we were here when you needed us.

    Here's hoping difficult child 1 and your entire family is on the road to recovery. Hugs to you.