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    How is everything going with Onyxx, Jett and their mother? I hope she is keeping her hands to herself.
  2. AnnieO

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    Thanks for asking... There hasn't been a lot going on lately. This is a good thing in my humble opinion.

    Onyxx is still refusing to visit, but we've given up on that. We don't even talk about it anymore. She's more interested in her boyfriends and stuff like that. She's back in school, so less talk about all that stuff and more about school - thank heavens!

    Jett is going to visits. He informed me that he would take the spoiling as long as it lasted. He's not stupid by a long shot! He was upset when he came home after the holiday - I guess they were in a car accident and it was "scary". Won't go into the details I got but it didn't sound so good.

    He's fine, and unfortunately so is BM.

    But there's no real drama. The worst drama is that Onyxx's new boyfriend of about a week already dumped her. She's okay with it though - didn't have time to get too attached. THANK GOODNESS!
  3. Star*

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    You tell my Onyxx - BOYS are just dumb. Especially ones that would dump her. Wait....I think SHE dumped him....I know she did. ;)