Strattera gone, Lamictal back, My sanity???


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Clonidine came and went, Strattera came and went... we decreased the Abilify back to 2.5mg bid. Started back with Lamictal 25mg bid... Also still on Prazosin 2mg at beditime.

We are supposed to use the Clonidine as a PRN because it knocks her out!!! I doubt if I will. Maybe...

So last week we had a knock down with me and psychiatrist and his asst. He was on conference call and it was me and asst in the office! She said she felt like I was resistant and not happy? How did I feel...
I laid it out... All the things I was told that would happen were not happening, her "team" had changed twice now and not one of them had either introduced themselves to me or been the least bit friendly when I had a question nor made my child feel welcome. Were they aware of her depression and anxiety??? She is clinging to my leg, she is the youngest, and they are ignoring her.
No one has had any suggestions as to us helping her besides "time-outs" so of course I seem resistant!!! They have not communicated, as to what I have said to one or the other. She is asking me about something in our video, which I had gone over with the other counselor already. She was questioning our parenting techniques from a year ago! I had to re-explain... the video was an example of K's rages not parenting techniques.
I had to go over again that it wasn't that I was against the time-out, but that I was trying to help K with her confusion and mental instability, and that I was told we would be getting help for that!!!

Well after an hour of me "explaining" all of this, trying very hard to keep my cool, I also said, you know I am displaced, out of my house for weeks, my husband is taking off of work, do you think I am not willing to do anything to make this work???

So by the end we were all on the same page!!! psychiatrist has said he is willing to take us on as clients for the long term. The next day, everyone was nice!!! I don't expect my a - s to be kissed, but a "hello" and a "hello" to K... and introduction would be nice!!! I would like to know how she is doing!!! Things have been so much better...

I just hate always having to feel like a B'... you know.
So psychiatrist said we will always have a say in her medications. He said lets go back to Lamictal, cut back on the Abilify and see if some of her movement issues calm down... haven't yet. She has had BM's though!!! Yeah.... LOL

Today was the first day she didn't cling to me... yesterday she did throw a complete rage in the hotel room as I was checking in!!! Fun, I was freaking out because there was no fridge, and I have to pack a lunch each day. We also have cereal in the morning while getting ready. So I was trying to call the front desk to find out what I needed to do. K started losing it. "I am hungry, I can't sit still, I am bored" I asked her to hold on for just a minute, that we might have to change rooms, I gave her a new book and said please just sit while I make a call, NO!!! Screaming... The poor girl at the front desk, they all know us by now and feel bad for me!!! Well she sent the bell boy up, I was expecting them to just send up a fridge and charge us. They moved us to a huge room with a living room!!! 2 tv's... No charge!!! That kind of stuff never happens to us!!! K was so happy... I then explained and had the long talk with her about what and why I was asking her to chill out...

Anyway I don't know how much this is doing for her "mood", but the social aspect has got to be good... I am learning to be stronger and keep it together...


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Well, I'm sorry for all of the ups and downs you've had along this path, but I'm glad you finally got to "sit down" with the psychiatrist and his assistant and set them straight and get everyone on the same page at last! Hopefully things will continue that way and you'll find a good solution for K.

I can only imagine the stress this displacement has placed on your family. I guess I'm PMS'ing, but I teared up reading how they upgraded your room for free...that's so wonderful. Good things really do happen in this world.

Thanks for keeping us posted! I look for your updates often.


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I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how things were going. Glad to hear psychiatrist is finally on the same page. I hope things start to improve. Hugs.


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Yea........I am glad things are moving forward for you!!!! And I am really glad that the psychiatrist has agreed to take K on as a patient long term.

I have found that I have to be a complete "B" in order to get anything done in a psychiatric hospital. It saddens me to realize this reality. What happens to all the other kids whose mom is not taking the bull by the horns and charging it herself? But, alas, this seems to be the only thing that seems to get things accomplished. I guess that is why we call ourselves "warrior moms". :laugh:


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oh totoro, you poor guys. I am impressed with your warrior mom persona. For many of us, advocating doesn't come easy, particularly when faced with hostile docs etc. But you did it and you got results.

I am really surprised that they would place so much stock in time-outs etc. I would think in a psychiatric hospital the kids are there because the body chemistry is totally out of whack--how much good could punishment do? Geez.

Anyway, I hope you have the fortitude and bank account and what ever else it takes to see it through until you little girl gets some relief. Can you get up to a therapeutic dose of Lamictal quick enough? Does the psychiatrist have a plan if that doesn't work?

You know, this may sound strange, but I have the feeling that you will find some medications to help your child--she is young, her behaviors are clearly not the result of bad parenting, so it more than likely her body chemistry needs some major tweaking. I think its just a matter of finding the right medications, which we all know can take a while.

But at least now you seem to be headed in the right direction.

Hang in there, and enjoy your suite and all, you deserve it!!!!