Stress and frustration


My son has asked to go see a therapist last week. We have found out his Dad has bone CA and they have given him about 5 years with treatment. He is not taking treatment. I went and talked to a doctor today for advice for difficult son. A plan, so to speak if he asks for treatment., ... Instead, he text me tonight. Says he can't stand living with Dad. He sits there watching TV and if he wants to go anywhere, his Dad interrogates him.( I wonder why.) He feels he wouldn't need a therapist if thing were different. I said like what. He says he goes to the chicken houses everyday 7 days a week. I really don't know what all his Dad asks of him. I said, have you tried talking to him and telling him how you feel. He says No I don't feel like he'd understand and I feel like he'd get mad. I have a hard enough time finding friends as it is and when I can girlfriend can never go out and do anything with them and they quit talkng to me. And I just hate everyday more than the last one. He goes on to say he is thinking of moving back out and quitting college because he is not going to be unhappy for the two years it takes to get a degree. He says I feel like an old man. He is 19. I encouraged therapy. He said I don't listen, I just try to get him to go to therapy. I said if you feel like an old man now, wait until 5 years have gone by and you have no degree. I said, "You asked to go to therapy." He says I changed my mind. He is driving me insane with worry. He says its the same at my house as at Dads. I said people have to have understandings to live with each other. What in the world. Why does he think this way? So frustrating!!


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Oh I feel for you. These are absolutely trying circumstances. I have no answers for you or myself. I just want you to know your not alone.