Stuck in my binge mode

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  1. bby31288

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    Hi all, I have been lurking and reading all forums but lately haven't been posting. Sometimes life is such a struggle.

    I hope you guys can help me, I need some wise words. I have been on WW since Sept. I am down 40 lbs! Yay for me, but lately I have been on a binge and I just can't seem to stop. I have missed 2 meetings and haven't weighed in. I guess you can say I am "off" program. I sit here typing after I just realized I ate 5 perogies. That is after trying to be good and do the special K thing, 2 bowls of cereal a day and a heathly dinner. So I had my second bowl of Special K and then 5 perogies, fried in butter no less. Yesterday, egg sandwich, chicken for dinner, not to bad, but the stuffing. Lets not forget the ice cream cake, and one dunkin donut I did not need!

    UGH. I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself, thinking hmmmm, since I am so far off what can I eat now until I get back on program.
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    Congrats on losing 40 pounds!
    in my humble opinion, you should get to your next meeting somehow, someway. I use to tell my husband to face the music and pay the piper. It is what it is and so be it. You are human. It happens to everyone. The important thing is that you pick yourself up and move forward. As soon as you are able, get anything tempting out of your home. Sometimes, even healthy foods are tempting. By tempting, I mean that you are going to eat more than one serving at a time (more than likely). Try to nurture yourself and DISTRACT food doesn't call out to you. However, the most important thing I think is what I said in my first line. Dont' beat yourself up. Tomorrow is another day. This is blip and nothing more.
    As far as what can you eat?
    Do you have any salad and vegetables in the home? What about chicken? Can you get to the grocery store? You can always pick up some Lean Cuisines or Smart Ones. How about a few cans of Progresso Soup. Fruits? They are WONDERFUL to have during times like this! For now, you might want to stick to sugar free/fat free jello for dessert. If you feel you have control, perhaps some 1 point WW ice creams. Yep...I would dump anything very tempting in your home and get to the store and pick up some healthy items.
    Hang in there!!!!
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    Nomad gave some great advice! Getting to a meeting and stepping on the scale helps me to realize that I need to get back on track. It's why I work for ww. Congrats on the 40 pound loss-that's fantastic!
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    as a fellow ww member, I can relate! Congrats on the loss of 40 pounds - what an accomplishment!!!!!

    I can tell you that I believe it is more important to go to the meeting, see where you are weight-wise, and get back up on that horse.

    Since you've been doing ww for awhile, I'm sure you realize the 2 bowls of cereal and a "healthy" dinner just don't cut it. You need to get those fruits and veggies in.

    I can tell you that I have had weeks where I have stuck to my points, or even a little less, and had a tiny little loss, Then I've had weeks where I've stuck to my points and had a great loss. The difference - exercise, water, and following the daily guidelines for fruit, veggies and water!!! It's all about keeping that balance.

    So, your goal today is to go to a meeting and find out what you need to repair. Come on back here and let us know. We have a recipe post on the top of the board that might give you some good ideas. And, best of all, we have our own cheering section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think the others have given you excellent advice. I definitely agree with everything that has already been said. Try to think of what you're doing as leading a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to being on a diet. I know it sounds ridiculous, but thinking of terms of a healthy lifestyle as always helped me.

    And, don't be too hard on yourself!!! It's what you do most of the time that matters the most. All of us slip up every now and then. And, like the others said, get rid of all foods that are just too tempting and not good for you.

    Yesterday, I had to throw away a free sample of a cereal I got in the mail. It had 220 cals in it and lots of sugar. I knew if I left it on my counter or put it in a cabinet, I would get around to eating it before the day was over. And, the really sad part of all of this was that it wasn't even something I really wanted - It definitely wouldn't be my snack of choice. I just knew I would eat it anyway...

    You can do this!!! We'll be thinking of you!!! WFEN
  6. bby31288

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    Thanks all. I will be going to my meeting a weighing in tonight. I usually go on Thursdays, but if I wait until then, I will eat all sorts of things to try and fit it in before I'm back "on program". I started back with my water this morning. I appreciate all of your encouragement. Sometimes it just so much eaiser to give up! I will post later tonight and let you guys know what the damage was.
  7. Marguerite

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    Just a thought - not sure what diet plan t hey have you on, but I had to eliminate Special K from my diet, it's not got enough fibre and has too much sugar for me. So I chose muesli. I used to eat husband's muesli because it has absolutely no added sugar other than a small amount of dried fruit, but it's based on oats which I can't eat. So now I make my own muesli basing it on puffed brown rice instead of the oats. I keep the fruit content down, but I add some raisins and crumbled walnuts (about a cup of each, to 7 cups of puffed brown rice and 2 cups of bran). And then make sure to only eat a small amount, because this really fills you up. I sometimes have a second serve if I get hungry at any other time of the day (including 2 am).

    The other thing I have in reserve to fill me up when I get the munchies - brown rice. I've found a really easy way to cook it in the microwave so I keep some cooked brown rice in the fridge and when I need some, I get out a serve and warm it in the microwave. I also keep various home-cooked stews, casseroles and stir-fries in the fridge, so I can add some to the brown rice for flavour. If I 'snack' on a small helping of that, I find it keeps me going for much longer than you would think. And trying to hold hunger at bay by eating a carrot stick sometimes leads me to eat a lot of carrot sticks and still break out from the diet. So I figure it's better to have a small extra portion of a good solid meal, because I end up eating less. And sometimes it's just tat I'm hungry for my meal at a different time. I've eaten a rice and stew mix at 4 pm, and then not been hungry for dinner that night (because my body says I already ate it).

    Having good food available for easy serve/reheating means I'm filling up on good food and not junk.

    And if I have a break away for a short spell - it's just a matter of getting back on the horse and picking up where I left off.

    Don't beat yourself up over it.

  8. bby31288

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    Well all in all it wasn't bad. I was down .4 which is nothing. But thankfully not a gain. Marguerite, I have been eating the high protien Special K, its a little different than the regular one.

    I made sure to stop at the store last night after WW and get my carrots, and yogurt, WW bread, turkey breast, etc. So I am officially back on program!

    Thank you all for your support! I will keep you updated!
  9. ScentofCedar

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    That's great.

    Forty pounds is nothing to sneeze at.

    Do you think self-sabotage played any part in this?

    Maybe actually accomplishing that amount of weight loss spooked the part of you that gave her permission for the weight gain in the first place?

    I know self sabotage is a biggie, for me.

    Congratulations to you on your weight loss.

    Really, that's incredible!

  10. bby31288

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    Thanks Scent. I am back on track and on program! I weighed in last night and was down 2.6, making a grand total of 42.6 lbs, down from a size 20 to a size 12. Thanks so much everyone for your help, it made getting back on program a bit eaiser. Now to conquer this holiday weekend!