Substance Abuse Treatment Centers - state by state listing

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse Archives' started by KimmieC, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. KimmieC

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    I've asked the computer literates to figure out how to post two sites over here. They
    show substance abuse treatment centers (out and inpatient) by State. It shows the dual
    diagnosis ones. It's really informative. I
    found it.........somebody else will have to
    "tote it" over here! :rolleyes: DDD
  2. Guest

    I have no idea how to share this the right way but it is important!!! Just clicking around this morning and I found two terrific
    sites that everybody here would probably want
    to know about. I'm just not sure how to share the right address.
    1. I think I started off somewhere else and ended up on PDFA site.

    THEN...somehow I ended up finding this terrific guide to treatment centers done by State and with a description of what they do.

    (fingers crossed!!) Maybe this was it...

    OR that same stuff with this added after gov

    2. One of those sites had a similiar link to mental health facilities.

    It is THE most helpful place I have found for
    info and Yikes! I'm not sure if
    those two addresses will work.

    Somebody who is smart...check it out and
    then post the absolutely correct addresses
    as lots and lots of us can get help from these two places...really!! DDD
  3. KimmieC

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    Boy, are you guys smart or what??? Now I
    can find "where I was" when "I want to go there again". LOL
    Thanks. DDD
  4. KimmieC

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    NOW... :rolleyes: ...OTE or Alisha or some
    other smart Board friend would you like to figure out how to get rid of the big blank spaces from the new profile stuff that I updated at the end? I'm going to try one more time to make it look like everyone else.
    LOL :rolleyes: DDD
  5. Guest

    I think you have to do that yourself when you put in the info. Try back spacing where the blanks are.
  6. The Leslie

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    ant was in 3 of the 5 drug abuse centers near me. the locator also shows 305 centers in my area, most of which I do know of, the link for the locator was good!
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    LOL, DDD -

    I think you must have hit returns at the end of some lines. That's the reason for the spaces. Just go back to "my profile" at the to, and scroll down through your stuff. Take out the returns, and just put a regular space in. It should do the trick.