Success story: IEP and Parent Report

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Well my long battle came to a head yesterday - the dreaded IEP - Good news is they qualified him for sped AND for residential - but of course there is always a glitch and that is he is in residential already (courtesy of Juv. Justice) and in another district, and not really around for them to do an IEP. PA I hired was very very good and while they were "well, he is in residential and in another school district yada yada, he reminded them "THEY" are the district of residence not the other way around
so between the both of them they have to come up with a suitable IEP -

Your parent report Jerri was a life saver for me - I could prove that Dan has had problems early on - and it wasn't just an "acting out" over home problems, i.e. divorce -they had indicated that they were going to "go there" as the school psy noted he wasn't having any real problems until 7th grade. Its a wonder that the PA didn't get a hernia carrying my son's school records into the meeting the file was that thick LOL

He just looked at them and said "you know by Federal law you HAVE to seek these kids out and provide services - it would take a real moron not to see that this boy has had problems since kindergarden. You have NOT done that, and you have not provided him with FAPE - He hasen't much school time left to him and it is my mission to see that he gets the help due him before its too late.

I know I still have the battle of the actual IEP to get thru, but it was a victory never the less, and sad as well - maybe if he had the help in school he should have he wouldn't be where he is today.

Thank you for all of your help.




Good job!

Thank you for sharing your success.

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Go get em MOM!!!

Hugs N Love!!!


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