Suicide through anorexia....

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kt announced that she wants to die. That she's going to commit suicide by becoming anorexic. Please forgive my very dark humor... but that will take too long. Either let's get this over quickly or better yet kt needs to get with the program. :rolleyes: :crazy: (Understand I took this very seriously - I just found kt's means for suicide a bit too prolonged. :rolleyes:)

In the meantime, kt spent time holding a knife to her throat then trying to strangle herself. Refused PRN medications because they have "calories". Broke yet another pair of glasses.

Crisis team has come & gone; mental health case manager was informed & he dropped in as well. By the time they had arrived the worst was over & kt had finally taken her PRN. While kt has a plan, no one felt that kt is at "high" risk. As she is watched pretty much 24/7, I was willing to forgo the intake for hospitalization.

As quick as this came on, it was gone (okay 2 hours - but this is fast for kt).

Poor PCA - only had 3 shifts under her belt & she was in over her head.

There are days & then there are others. :hammer: I'm glad this one is over. :whew:

Tomorrow is another day. :nonono: :hypnosis: :surprise:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
There are days, aren't there? Sounds like this was one of them.I am so sorry she is struggling with herself/feelings... life. The poor kid. I hope you all get some rest ans she feels better in the am.


I understand your dark humor, Linda. I'm sorry kt, you and husband have had such a rough night. I hope tomorrow is better for everyone.


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Oh Linda,
I'm sorry for your bad day and that kt is struggling so. I'm glad crisis team was there as well as mental health manager stopped in. I do understand you dark humor. Praying for a better day today! :angel:

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I've become a tad reluctant to get pulled into the drama of the moment. You can bet you last dollar that when kt had a knife to her throat I "disarmed" her.

However, my response to her proclamation that she was committing suicide through anorexia was "I can't force food down your throat. Your choices to hurt yourself this way are yours - I cannot stop you".

Seemed to snap kt out of it, at least for the moment.

Thanks for the support ladies - crisis team has become a way of life around here.


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I just saw this post. So sorry you had such a rough night. The plan sounds like it went smoothly - the team showed up and did its job. I'm sorry this is how kt is feeling - and I'm another board member who understands the dark humor.

Many, many {{{hugs}}} going out to you. Hoping today is a better day for you and kt.


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So sorry Linda. Wish kt's heart would heal already. She seems like she could have such a great life if she could just heal.


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my ex tried that. he is 5'9" when he got to 120 pds he was put in a psychiatric ward for a week and force fed.
he is still trying that and has done so most of his life.