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Going on vacation to see bff in ohio in may. Then in july hubby and I picking up our granddaughter in idaho to come stay with us at home in AZ for all of july. Now to pick something for june, and my summer will be complete. Dont like to fly, or drive long distances because i suffer from ibs, but gonna do it anyway. I dont know if my son who is in prison 2nd time, will be allowed to talk to his daughter while i have her for july. Baby Momma is mad he did all this crap again. I always tried to talk her into letting him have contact with my son. I think granddaughter should keep in touch with him, but im not gonna try to presuade mom. I will ask what she wants me to do if he calls cause he will hear his daughter in back ground or if granddaughter says i wanna talk to him, i will leave that ball in moms court and do what she wants me to do. Not my fight, gonna bow out
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I would not bring a young child to jail. The child doesnt need that and to me its about the child, not criminal son. I dont blame the mother. Its a good idea to bow out. You need to work with her so that you can continue to enjoy your granddaughter.

If Son wants to act as her father he can stop breaking the law. She doesnt need to see him wearing an orange jump suit. Or see the other inmates.


Enjoy her mucho and have fun as you travel!


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No she isnt allowed to go see him, i just mean talking on the phone. She let her talk on phone before the first time he was in, then he got out and was doing good so she let him see her, she lives out if state, but this second coming only after one year of being out mom feels that he cant keep jerking daughter around with false hopes of being in her life here and there, which i understand but i also think daughter should know daddy has a problem and its becuz of that not because he dont love you. But im keeping out of it and will do what mom says to protect my ongoing relationship with her


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Traveling is always a good way to get our heads out of our problems and try to enjoy ourselves.

I think the less you insert yourself into son's life the better. I am learning to do that too. It's hard for moms to do but we deserve peace also and we need to be good to ourselves!

I understand you are your son's advocate but sometimes we just have to let things be. That's what I'm trying to do too.

Sounds like you have a good plan for summer!