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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Nomad

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    i am looking for a super comfortable pull out couch or trundle bed.

    Brand names.

    I have an at home office that is sometimes used for guests and will likely be used more often in this manner down the road.

    I have a super cute couch in there now, but the truth is when opened up, as a is not very comfortable.

    Anyone know if exceptions?

    Lol...I seem to often ask “odd” questions!

  2. Copabanana

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    Hi Nomad:

    I would get a regular twin bed and a daybed frame. If you want they even sell comforter/bedspread sets that are designed for this set up that look tailored. They come in all kinds of styles: modern, traditional, etc. That is what I am going to do in one of my rooms. If you want to you can put all kinds of pillows on it to give it the Pottery Barn look.

    With a regular twin bed you will have both the comfort of the bed and the use of a comfortable daybed. For many years my mother had this set up in her den. Three of us at a time sometimes sat to watch TV. And she would sleep there at night sometimes, or guests, too. Hers really looked lovely.

    At some point she bought a couch without arms. You could sleep on it. But it was never as comfortable either as a couch or as a sofa. The old twin bed looked better, was a more comfortable couch and a way more comfortable bed.

    That is what I would do. I posted a picture down below of something I like. But there are all kinds of looks.
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  3. Copabanana

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    daybed 1.jpg
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  6. Lil

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    The problem with pull-outs are the bar across the back when you lay down. Instead of a pull-out that you lay on at a right angle to the couch, maybe look for a jack-knife sofa, instead? Those you lay on with the divot between the two people, instead of across the bar. Just a thought.
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  7. RN0441

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    Yes that bar is a stinker. I would go to a furniture store and ask. Tell them you are looking for comfort!

    We had one years ago that was comfy. I think it was a Jenny Convertible or something like that. Not sure if that is the name or not. It wasn't cheap though. I'd imagine you'll pay a bit more but in the end it is worth it if you're going to put guests on it (that are over 30 LOL)!
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