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    Today was absolutely amazing. It had the potential to be a true disaster. I was up all night. Started on a migraine at 5 am, took medications. They worked, for a change.

    husband went to church and picked up kids at my parents. All THREE of my kids came home with him. I was surprised. They let me rest until I gave up on sleep at 11:30. I chowered, helped Jess with the fastener on her skort (mending) and got us ready to leave.

    I was a bit apprehensive about husband not coming with us, but the car is a 4 person. husband also worked at the football game (he is a head supervisor for the staff that seats people and works the gate, in charge of 1/2 the stadium. 18 hr day but a truly amazing game, apparently. Go OSU Cowboys!!)

    This is the very FIRST time I have gone anywhere with all 3 kids with-o husband or another adult since difficult child was removed 2 yrs ago. So you can see why I was a bit nervous. But he has truly come so far, I never would have been able to see it when he was 7, or even 11.

    We stopped for a snack about 30 mins after we left. I usually stop every 30 mins or so with thank you, it just helps. Then, maybe 10 mins later a truck starts waving and honking. I pulled over and they told me I had a tire that was really low, and that the gas station ahead is the only one for almost 30 miles on htis highway. I was so glad they helped me, random acts of kindness just ROCK!! A 2nd lady pulled over to see if everything was OK.

    I went to the gas station, got a tire pressure gauge (husband can never keep one in the car, I htink they run from him, LOL). difficult child helped me with the air hose and we got on our way.

    Got to the WalMart and got in line to have the tire checked. Found some great bargains on school supply stuff that will be in holiday gift baskets. Then the Kissmobile arrived. They were asking donations for Children's Miracle Network, which I support as much as possible. All $$ goes to CMN, so I gave $10 and got 2 of the Kiss beanie type things.

    The trip to the Kissmobile was a bust if only going for the candy and the neat truck. They didn't tell us anything about the Kissmobile (and I knew what kinds of questions they should be able to answer from the website). Each of us got 2 hershey kisses. Not worth a trip, though I did get a picture of the kids iwth the truck, they did not encourage it. They were also supposed to video people saying why their mom is the Sweetest Mom for a contest. They seemed to be trying to get people NOT to do it, put much pressure on to upload your entry at home. Guess they were having a bad day. Everyone does.

    We went in to check on the tire, it was patched and we paid for our stuff and left to find a Borders.

    The kids each showed me things they wanted for Christmas and birthday, at MY request. I bought a few (12 :bag:) things, but most were 75% off, usually this was off the bargain book price. I got some great things for each kid, with input from the others. Several transactions, and the bags put in the car.

    No one fussed that they didn't get what they wanted. Oh, on the way to the bookstore I stopped at a grocery store for directions. Got a few bargains there and still no fussing.

    Then it was time for dinner. The kids had each snacked at walmart, but we were hungry and Jess's pain medications were making her tummy hurt. So we found a nice restaurant and got stuff each of us liked.

    We were together for over 9 hours, including driving home in a major storm, complete with hail on the ground by the time we got home. A little bit of gumbling between Jess and thank you, mostly because his spining and moving was catching her on her sore arm.

    difficult child was FUN, a real pleasure to have around. He showed me things he liked with NO pressure to buythem. One book I was going to get I put down when I read the back, not a single fuss.

    It felt like we finally could interact as a family, with respect, interest and real caring toward each other. This is a pretty ideal, and will not be the actions 100% of the time, but that is OK as long as it is in there a little of the time. It has made me feel pretty darn wonderful tonight.

    Going to bed now, will catch up on posts tomorrow.


  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    That post made me smile.

    I bet your mommy hear smiled too. I am very happy for you!

    Journal it!
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    Wow that sounds wonderful. Glad you had such a good day.

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    You've waited for a day like today for a very long time. Tuck the memory close to your heart and keep it there for when a not so good day rolls around.

    Wow! What an awesome day!!! Sounds like you all really had a great time and everything was flowing your way. Can't ask for more than that.

    :bravo: :smile: :dance:
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    You just have to have days like these to stay sane. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable day with your children. That there were no explosions or crisis situations.

    I look for a day like that with wm & myself. And then with kt & wm together. I don't fixate on it - it just hits me every now & then that is a goal that I'm working on for me.

    Put this in your journal along with the pictures in front of the kissmobile. :picture: :its_all_good:
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    Fore sure a great day!

  8. Star*

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    In my day the KISS mobile came with

    Gene, Paul, Michael and Peter....

    Growing up is fun isn't it? Thanks for the smile!
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    I remember the KISS mobile also, as does husband. Hadn't thought of that in years!