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Hello to All-

Haven't posted in awhile so thought I'd bring you all up to date.

Sweet Betsy has been home with me for the last 10 weeks and it has been amazing. We have a relationship now that I could only dream about for so very long. She has matured so very much and has grown into an amazing young woman. She will be going back to Chicago next Tues. and boy am I going to miss her.

She is 18 weeks pregnant today and the pregnancy has been tough. She has suffered from HG- The most extreme morning sickness imaginable since week 6. We have had numerous ER trips to be rehydrated and medications to try to contol the illness. She has handled it pretty well. It seems to be under control today, but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

She came into my room last nite just to kiss and hug me and tell me how much she loves me. She said that she is finally starting to understand all I did as her mother and she is thankful that I have always been there for her, even when she made it almost impossible. She appologized for all things in the past that she could have controlled but didn't and for the hell she put her family through. She truly meant it. She said she only hoped she would be a tenth of the mother I have been to her. I cried.

I will miss her but am so thankful that she can make it on her own. All of the strength she use to use in her defiance has turned into strength to grow up and succeed. She is still very driven in all things she does, they are just productive now.

I will post when her baby is born and let you know how things go.

Thanks for always being there guys.

Blessings to All,

Mrs. McNear


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is she going to live with the father of the baby?
will you be with her when the baby is born?

I am glad you sound at peace. grandbabies are wonderful!


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Ant's Mom-

Yes, she will be living with the baby's father. They are planning a simple June wedding in front of justice of the peace. Of course I would prefer that they get married by a minister, but hey, at least they will be married.

Her boyfriend has been working in MI this winter and they are going back to Chicago together.

I am saving all my vacation and personal days to go up when the baby is born. Not sure how I will handle leaving them, but will face that when the time comes.

By the way, I have been reading your posts about Ant and have been praying for you both. Also the boyfriend issue with you. I sure hope Ant pulls it together and your boyfriend gets his head out of his ..well you know.


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It is so nice to hear how well Betsy is doing these days. It just warms my heart. :smile:

Has she asked her ob for medications for the morning sickness? Poor girl.

I hope you get lots of grandma spoiling time in. Grandbabies are wonderful. :smile:


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What a wonderful update! I'm so happy for all of you that Sweet Betsy seems to have turned a big corner.

Suz :princess:


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What a wonderful gift! Hopefully all of our difficult child's can look back someday and realize what they put us through and learn from it.