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    Just wanted to put a plug in for getting seasonal flu vaccines as soon as possible, as the first article points out. The FluMist is slightly more effective than the injection and gives immunity for a year. The injection gives immunity for 9 months.

    My daughters and I got the FluMist today.:smile:
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    Duckie is scheduled for the regular flu shot on Sept 30th. We're still waiting for info on when the swine flu vaccine will be available.
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    I have had several students already diagnosis. One who may have the swine flu is also pregnant. I have my bacterial spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer all over my classroom. I have students wipe desks before they sit down, I wipe the door knob between classes. Today I had 5 out of a class of 26 out and 6 out or a class of 29.
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    Yikes! That's early!!!
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    They are almost quarantining any boy who sneezes at difficult child's facilty and have been since this started. I'm glad because it would be a nightmare if this spread at a Department of Juvenile Justice facility. Not only would they have issues with the boys, but they can't let staff have it spreading amongst themselves either. If a parent appears to even have a cold, they won't let them visit. So far, they haven't had a single reported case there but I really think it's because they are going to these lengths. And at visitation, there is always the smell of cleaning solutions. LOL! There's only so much you can do at a school- think about how much has already spread on the bus before the kid even gets to school. I pat you on the back for trying, though- there's no sense in letting it (or other flu germs) spread more than you have to!
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    I'm glad they're keeping the boys safe & healthy. I imagine it would be horribly difficult to get ahead of a serious outbreak of any disease in a locked down facility. Duckie's classroom is in the same area as the pre-k classes so bugs run rampant through her wing. :(
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    Many overnight camps in Maine were hit hard with swine flu over the summer. They quarantined campers and treated them with Tamiflu. My daughters' camp was fortunate in that they were not hit with a single case. I suspect it will be difficult to keep it out of schools this fall, as EW is already experiencing.
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    Wash, wash, wash. Then wash some more. Maybe you sneeze in your elbow. The other half of the world is picking their nose and putting their fingers in their mouths then touching everything in the public world that you touch.
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    Thanks for the visual, Witz. :ill: