Thanks to all your help



I did so much reading, and so much researching. I talked to the school psychologist asking her to correct her errors. She had him maladjusted because of how he gets along with other seventh graders. I asked if she took into consideration he is 1 - 2 years younger than some 7th graders. Also told her that i know difficult child is more mature than SOME 7th graders, and more mature than SOME 6th graders. You must compare him to his age group..NOT class mates when it comes to behavior wise. Anyway. She won't change it. Met with the Program director over his school. She was very nice. She said some not so nice things about many others there. don't have time now, but I will fill you in on Saturday night when i an working back at my site. I am on someone elses computer now.
But, met with the program director...I have everything I asked for. And MORE!!!! Very happy. She placed difficult child in a class next year because HE asked for him. He likes him. Unfortunately, he is interviewing for a nother postion outside the school I didn't meen it to sound bad when I met him. He just told me how he medication Alex when he was in 6th grade and having a rough time. He said he would take him in and they would hang out. they bonded. So, I asked him to please don't leave. He smiled and said I will remember that when i am on my interview.
In addition to the administration, there is also 7 other teachers looking for work outside this school. I just had such a good meeting....More Saturday. difficult child got kicked out today...So, I went to the vp office and told him what whas on my mind. Didn't even give him a chance to reply. Had difficult child empty his locker.
Saturday, Midnight I will be back on my normal job. I'll be looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing. Talk to you then,.



I'm confused but I will wait until tomorrow to hear more. It sounds as though you are fairly happy.

He CANNOT be socially maladjusted. There is no such thing. Ask them for a reference to it in the DSM.

Catch your update later,