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    Whoooooooooo, Buddy! I haven't been here for a while!

    I missed you guys and, unfortunately, have to come back with a sack of problems.

    First, some good news... I got a promotion at my job! Hooray!

    Bad news...I may not be able to keep the position (or my job, for that matter) if my difficult child doesn't knock it off!!!!!!!!

    Oi... So many things to go over...where shall I begin?

    1. I have recently been diagnosed with bi-polar (hooray! an excuse for the insanity!).
    2. I have been placed on Lamictal, Xanax and Depakote.
    3. My child has been threatened to be suspended from his after school program for being "uncontrollable and running away from all the staff and out of the room/building, frequently".
    4. My child was threatened to be suspended from school on Monday for, again, not doing ANY work, being uncontrollable, doing flips in class, running from teacher, principal, etc..., having to be physically removed from his classroom and more.
    5. My child's psychiatrist doubled his Wellbutrin to a whole, hefty 75mg, 2x a day (the next appointment with him isn't until 4 Dec).
    6. I seemed to have picked up a delightful urge to drink everyday for about 3 weeks, now (I don't, though...ehh....medications).
    7. My difficult child was just threatened, again, to be suspended, today (same ol', same ol... except this time he threw rocks and decorations at people, tried to stab himself with a pencil, whined like a baby, rolled on the floor and screamed a bunch...bonus!).
    8. I have STILL not gotten a PPT with my difficult child's school.
    9. After 2 months of pleading with my difficult child's teacher, school psychologist and principal to give me a PPT, his school psychiatrist JUST enlightened me with the fact that I need to "submit the request in writing" (holy way to cover your butts for neglecting my son's needs all this time, Batman).
    11. Last Friday, when I went to pick difficult child up from his after school program, I noticed (in the brightest EVER, pink marker) "I want to die" scrawled, largely, on his left arm. Nobody else had noticed this (and claims he did it to keep his "girlfriend" away from him as she told him she hated him. didn't work).
    12. My child is labled as "the crazy kid" by kids...and their PARENTS!!! (keep your mouths SHUT when the child's parent is in the same room...duh! *smack*)
    13. My daughter, now, has the first 3 lines of the Barney song down! Yessss!
    14. My difficult child has, recently, starting sleepwalking....often (but no peeing in my boots, this time!).
    15. I cry a lot more than I'd like (and waste precious time with the psychiatrist from a lack of being able to even talk).
    16. The principal (who looks and acts like a [enter colorful language here] gym teacher and addresses me as difficult child's "mom" 'cause he can't take the time to look up my [color of your choice] name!) said if difficult child does ANY of the things he's done throughout the week, tomorrow, I get to pick him on up, immediately (so long, job...).
    17. difficult child's biodad, so lovingly, said HE would pick difficult child up (assuming he continues his angelic behavior, tomorrow) as long as I could WAKE HIM UP by calling him like a "stalker".
    18. My child hasn't had recess in about 2 weeks in an attempt to make up all the homework he refuses to do at home.
    19. I am now receiving DAILY reports in the mail for each time difficult child has gone to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) room (detention room).
    20. difficult child's teacher tells me the reason she doesn't write in his behavior journal (should be filled out daily) is because he TOLD her he didn't have it ( about checking his [EXTEREMLY COLORFUL] bag?!?!?!). Maybe that's where all his "lost" homework is, too!
    21. If I didn't just have a hairdresser completely redo my hair for 4 1/2 hours (in an attempt to feel a little better about myself...until it horridly faded. psshhh...."permanent" my butt"), I'd rip it all out.

    So that's it! Heh...


    Anyone know a lawyer who's willing to help me sue the school for educational neglect? Do I even have the grounds for that?

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What do I do?!?!?!?!?!

    I can't take it, anymore! Just when I think he's doing OK...he's not.
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    Just a thought: Since you were just diagnosed with bipolar disorder and your difficult child's biodad is a substance abuser, has any psychiatrist ever suggested to you that your difficult child could also have bipolar disorder? And that Wellbutrin might be making him worse instead of better?

    In terms of the school, you might want to post over in Special Education 101. The moderators Martie and Sheila really know their stuff and will give you great advice.

    Hope things improve soon.
  3. ShakespeareMamaX

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    I have actually brought up bipolar with him in the past, but he completely rules it out.

    This man gives my child a medication and then doesn't see him, again, for 2 months.

    I know, I know....find a new doctor, right?

    The only problem is...finding one in my area that takes my :censored2: insurance and won't be as horrible as this doctor. I'm still looking.

    The doctor has stated that he believes my difficult child isn't getting better because he was on the lowest dose of Wellbutrin and maybe they just needed to raise it. So...he were are in trial mode, again.

    Gotta love the waiting game...

    Oh, and let me mention...the list of medications is getting short. My son has now been on Ritalin (stopped working per tolerance level), Concerta (horrible tics), Adderall (violent outburts/weepiness) and Strattera (did NOTHING!).

    The doctor believes my son may just be "one of those kids who can't take medications".
  4. smallworld

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    Definitely look for a new child psychiatrist.

    Unfortunately, we've found that most of the good psychiatrists are out of network. But we can submit the bills to insurance and be partially reimbursed. Sometimes children's hospitals have psychiatrists on staff who accept insurance.

    The list of medications is getting short if all you're doing is dxing and treating ADHD. But your difficult child may not have ADHD and may need different medications altogether.
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    Tell me about it, but this jerkface (psychiatrist) won't take the time to reevaluate him.


    And, actually, the ADHD is the only thing the psychiatrist has stated difficult child "definitely has". And proooobably anxiety. Bah...

    Worthless quack... Hahahaha :doctor: :hammer:

    Have you found schools to be of any help in terms of producing the correct programs and such for difficult children?