the crud grabbed poor easy child

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    When she got up the poor little (well you know what I mean) thing came out and crawled in my lap. No easy feet for a 16 year old. So up I got and dosed her with cold medicine, tylonal airbourne and my favorite vicks.

    She just asked if she could go shower off the slime. I said nope not yet. She says it feels wierd to move I told her she was sick there is no moving then.

    A few days or so ago I saw the post about putting it on the feet so I even did that. She thought I was nuts. But she sounds tons better this afternoon. So it must be working. That and of course she had chicken noodle soup. Can I get any more cliche? The only unfortunate thing is she decided since she smelled that she would spend the day out with me. Head phones on laptop and laying in my bed (our bedroom is the living room). I guess she is retaliating for the Vicks but she doesn't realize it doesn't bother me. Actually smells pretty good.

    I think the excitement of the party friday and the fact her father was in town wore her down. She even chose not to go to a friends party last night because she was starting to not feel well. (didn't tell me that or I would have dosed her last night)

    I imagine she will be fine to go to school in the morning as she won't want to smell like vicks any more. Hehehe.

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    Sorry the crud grabbed her. Sounds like your remedies are doing the trick. I like the smell of Vicks too!
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    My Mom was the one that actually wrote be about the Vics on your feet. I am a germophobe and highly in love with hand sanitizer and take lots of precautions (mostly because single Moms have to work if we're sick or not and I can't afford to be sick, plus it makes me cranky) but I am glad that the Vics on the feet covered with socks helped.

    Odd huh? Must have something to do with all the sweat glands in your soles.

    Glad she's feeling better. Tea with honey and lemon will help her too. And Vitamin C. LOTS of vitamin C - it gets peed out so you can't take too much.
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    OH well unfortunately it didn't last. She didn't go to school today because we spent 2 hours at the doctors office. Three prescriptions later (antibiotic, prednisone and an inhaler) we are hoping that will help. I did the tea and honey. It didn't help much. I was trying all the home stuff but still ended up at the doctor. Which mind you is funny because she is still seeing a pediatrician (she wants to switch I just haven't gotten to that yet). All the other kids there were small. It was mildly humorous.