The Good and the bad/ new plan for school


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Hi everyone... so many are having meltdowns i wish i could help each one of you... i know for me just venting and reaching out is so healing for me :kisses:

well today at the learning center my son goes to for his assignments it was decided that he would start going 2 hours a day to do his work...thank GOD!!!! :bow: I have been so stressed since they said he would need to do all his work at home....the meeting went well and i think they get that I am no longer going to help James with his work... too toxic :hammer: and he needs to get on with being accountable and on his on.. So someone is listening.... :bravo:

james and I also went to lunch and he said he wanted to learn about budgets and paying his bills on his own... so he is thinking ahead and acknowledged that in his heart he knew his days are numbered here due to dad....and his behavoir...

now the bad news and this is for venting sake and i will forget about it... i found reciept for coinstar... and all of the quarters/dimes/nickles in our angel jar gone....which p***es me off once again concidering the angel jar is money my daughter and I find on the street ect and save up and give to feed the children, or samaritains basically he stole from charity so he can go feed his fat head...... what are you going to do ??? :sad:


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Oh that is saddening, but I am glad you are going to let it go.

Good news about school, though! No more homework battles for you!


Kassy, great news about school! The ' homework wars' are toxic -- it's good to have that burden off you and your family time.

Good to hear that your son is starting to look ahead to the 'real world' of budgeting, etc. Great skills to hone now!


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Ohh, that is SO aggravating about the angel jar.
But I'm so glad to hear things are looking up. Let us know how it goes. I'm sure it will have its ups and downs.