The Last Word At All Costs

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I think I've figured out at least part of Nichole and b/f's drama. The girl has just got to have the last word no matter what. easy child is also this way to the extreme. A trait both girls seemed to have inherited from my mother. (not a good one either)

Seems b/f just ignored Nichole o/l so she called him up. He wanted to still ignore her or to just agree so she'd leave him alone. True, it started out she just wanted to talk to him to see why he was ignoring her, but of course it had to develop into more.

She just came and asked if I'd drive her over to b/f's house. I told her no, she could wait to fight with him til morning. It's almost 10pm here for pete's sake. It can't wait til morning, of course. I said fine you can walk. husband comes home from taking Travis to work and Nichole tries to rope him into a ride. husband is NOT happy with me because I wouldn't let him take her over.

Before Nichole walked out the door I told her NOT to bring the fight back over here and put it into my face or else. I'm finished with the drama here.

Bottom line, it's dangerous for Nichole to walk to b/f's house. She has to walk thru a fairly bad neighborhood to get to his home in a upper middle class neighborhood.

But darn it to heck, I just can't contribute to the drama anymore. And if I gave her a ride, that's what I'm doing. I can't stop her from going, she's 18. Frankly, I'm surprised his parents put up with it. I'm waiting for the day they call the police on her. That'll be a wake up call for Nichole, cuz Mom won't be making a trip to the jail.

Still, I'll be sitting here worrying about if she made it til she comes home when I have to get up at 5 am to pick up Travis. :grrr:

Why couldn't I just get extremely lucky and they'd break it off for real???


Ahhhh...young love.

Sounds like a borderline moment, more than having the last word. The avoid rejection at all costs and the rage. Has she or is she receiving DBT?

Did she leave the baby home, I hope?

Maybe she'll walk it off and change her mind halfway there and come home. Fingers crossed she makes it safe and sound. I hope you get some sleep.


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Thanks ladies. I swear their relationship has me wanting to beat MY head against the wall. argh

Heather, baby is safe and sound sleeping unawares in her crib. :smile:

This whole having the have the last word thing just baffles me. I've never felt the need to have the last word. Just don't get why it has to be such a big deal.

But easy child is just as bad with it as Nichole is. :rolleyes:

Nichole evidently didn't change her mind. It doesn't take an hour to walk to b/f's from here. So she should be there.

I mean, I can understand b/f is being a royal PITA here lately and all. And I get her frustration. (I have been married for 24 yrs lol) But still, I don't think I'm ever gonna get why she just couldn't drop it til morning. :crazy:


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But still, I don't think I'm ever gonna get why she just couldn't drop it til morning. :crazy2:

Ummm, maybe because she is young and stupid. . . as were we all. :rofl:

Lisa ~ I feel your pain.



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Im with Heather...its a borderline trait.

We simply cannot leave well enough alone and have to go get in the last word or continue the fight...whatever. Its part of the disorder.