The more things stay the same

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 12, 2010.

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    After a kissing incident at school, Kanga bragged to home staff that she "made out" with her boyfriend at school. While it turned out to be a peck on the cheek, her changing story (aka lying) and the ~one-sided~ kiss earned her two days ISS and an escort to/from all classes as well as a no-contact rule for her and the boy (who is so not that into her) and a 5-day grounding from off campus activities.

    It has now been 3 weeks since she has been allowed to talk to her "boyfriend" (in quotes cause that was her definition, not his) so she has gotten a new boyfriend. This one is supposedly in a gang and she will be leaving Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this weekend to go have sex with him and she is dropping out of high school.

    Always with the great plans :sick:

    Three weeks from tomorrow she moves to her new Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She is going from a girls only residential with male day students to a co-ed residential school. Giving her access to not just 30 male day students but to over 100 male residents and over 50 male day students. This should go well...not.

    Let's hope their staff is on their toes!!!
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    Triple J, all I can say is birth control. Is kanga on birth control? You'll never lead a dull life with Ms. Kanga.;)

    by the way, I heard things of this nature all the time from kt ~ it was always hard to tell the real from the fantasy. I always planned for the worst & hoped (prayed, begged on my knees) for the best.
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    I agree with Linda, JJJ - is she on birth control? Perhaps some of it is bravado, but that certainly can change quickly, especially given the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Sorry.

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    Little Miss Hypersexual has been on birth control for 3.5 years. No way was I taking a chance. The nurse at the current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) was suppose to be trying to get the doctor to switch her to the shot or the implant. The pill doesn't work so well if you run for a weekend and don't bring your medications.