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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Big Bad Kitty, Dec 29, 2007.

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    So Tink got an MP3 player for Christmas. Nothing fancy, it runs on a AAA battery and does not recharge, and it probably only holds 25 or so songs. But she is so excited to have something like Sissy (that is what she calls her sister). So I spent a good amount of time today checking out all the sites that we could download music from (being a music downloading novice myself) and then helping her choose 10 songs. She had gotten a Visa card with $25.00 on it as another gift, and I was going to use that to purchase her music.

    Well we got to the checkout portion and after entering the information, the site says that they do not take international credit cards. Apparently they think that this Visa gift card is international because it is disposable. OK fine, I tell her that I will put it on my debit card and she can pay me back.

    I re-enter all my information, and this time I get a pop up from my bank saying that I have tried to enter my password too many times, so I am locked out. Steam rising from my ears, I call the 800 number provided to see what the problem is.

    Well, evi-DENT-ly, whoever got their grubby hands on my number and was trying to order stuff from bois-dot-com and other sites like it could not figure out my password. This alerted my bank to suspicious activity. This did not stop whoever this was from trying 17 times to use my card to buy stuff online. SEVENTEEN TIMES! But they were denied every time because they did not have a password. This took place Dec 26 & 27. The alert should be in my mail and I would be getting it on Monday.

    If I had not called about that MP gosh darned 3 player, I would not have known till then. I might have gassed up somewhere and then not been able to pay for it!

    Tink is PO'd. She cannot think in the abstract. There are too many steps between what happened to my card and why she can't have her songs downloaded NOW.

    Oh well.
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    Poor Tink. It would be very hard for any small child to understand why that grown-up stuff is keeping her from getting her songs for her MP3 player.

    I hope it all gets resolved quickly.

  3. Lothlorien

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    Well, thank goodness you had the password protection in place! Whew!
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    We insist that the kids only download songs from CD's that we own. It may limit what they have, but it does give us some control over the stupid things.

    We have a local artist who does very very funny kids songs. His name is Monty Harper and his is the ONLY site we have downloaded songs from. I know him from high school and his wife fom church. We download his free podcasts.

    I would recommend checing him out, might get Tink some fun songs for free.


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    BBK - Do you have online banking set up? Online statements, etc?

    Just wondering why they didn't send you an email to notify you. Not that it would make much of a difference to me. I'm really bad about checking my email. Especially right now cause I'm getting so much political stuff. Yes, I signed up for it and yes I am normally heavily into politics. I just don't have the energy for it right now.

    Obviously...see how distracted I am. Start off on one thing and go to another. Not on steroids anymore...can't blame them. I'll have to come up with something else. Actually, I will blame the steroids. I was thinking much more clearly on them. Just was a bit more excitable, too. hehehehehe

    This post is actually very timely. I just ordered a new tower from Dell and it forced me to create one of those password thingies (yes, I do believe that IS the technical term...sheesh) with my bank. I'd never done it before. But seeing this makes me glad I have it in place.

    Aren't you glad you're not in my head? :crazy2: And I wonder what's wrong with my kids. :rofl: