The not-so-good-ole days


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Knew it was coming. I'd been trying to stay busy and out of the house more to try and avoid it........... The Money Talk ....... again!! Was on the way to have dinner with a friend when B called. Yes, he wanted to talk to me. When we got to the restuarant I had a drink to prepare myself. :wildone:

B. out of work 3 wks with foot fractures, then he pulled the ham string on the same leg. I've given him some $$ this past 3 wks. I keep telling him he has to do something around here. I'm not handing out free $$. He has begrudgingly and with great defiance done one thing each time.

Sat. night we were arguing, OR he was arguing, I was trying to stay calm. I was holding off saying I would help him. I kept saying "I keep telling you, you have to do something around here. I'm not handing out free $$." He continues to escalate. He went back downstairs and suddenly I hear this loud crash. He had broken the glass top on his coffee table. Told him he does one more thing and I call cops.

Lots of ranting. Hey!!! This is just like the “not-so-good ole days!!”

He did clean up some of the glass Sat. night, then locked his cats in his bedroom and left. I thought I’d find him sleeping on his couch to keep the cats safe from the glass, but no. He put a blanket over it and went to bed whenever he got home.

Sunday when he finally got up he cleaned up his mess & was able to talk civilly. He also did the things I asked him to. So did write a check for small bill and gave him bit of cash.

Yes, I know kick him out….. I want to give him bit more time to see if he pulls his grades up. Gosh I wish he'd get something together!!! But he becomes ‘Destructo’ again and I’ll personally put his stuff out on front porch. I will be heading off to Parent Group tonight. R we having fun yet??? Please let me know when I am.


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it sounds hard to be you. I would not pay him a cent and in fact would charge him for the coffee table glass.

so what if he makes it thru the schooling and learns to victimize you in the process?

be strong, dear one. remember the lessons he is learning at home and that he will try to use on some other woman one day.


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No words of wisdom, just hugs. You know what we all are going to say, kick him out, but you have to be ready and comfortable. We all make our decisions and have to live with them, so you need to be comfortable and only you know what you can live with.
In the meantime (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))), just to get you through!!


riding the roller coaster
Told him last night he ever makes a scene like he did this weekend he's out!!! What the heck he's failing school anyway!!!

See I'm getting to the point of kicking him out!!

Just appreciate the place to share this krap! Just can't keep all this to myself ya know!!!! Have to spew it somewhere!!!