The saga of the lost glasses continues....

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I went out to visit with wm on Saturday. Didn't take Sally the wonder dog - too much of a cold weather wuss to face a long walk that chilly day.

Instead, wm & I went out to Perkins for breakfast. wm was squirrelly when I arrived. He was struggling - he'd lost yet another pair of glasses.

I went back through my checkbook over the last 6 and 1/2 years to see just how many times we've replaced this tweedle's glasses. Ready? It's scary! Yup, 17 times! :wildone:

As we returned from the restaurant I informed wm that he is 12 going on 13. That husband & I would no longer just pay for glasses. "Mom, you know I'll go blind!"

Well, that would be sad, wm. "That's abuse, mom." You have to love these well thought out arguments wm throws my way. :hammer:

I informed wm, now that he is 12, he will have to help pay for his glasses. His allowance plus any other monies he earns/gets will go toward paying for replacing his glasses.

"You know, mom - I see much better now. I don't really think I need glasses." :hammer: /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

I'm hoping that by hitting him where it really hurts, he just may start taking care of his glasses. In the meantime, he is having some headaches - eye doctor said that 2 weeks maximum will be the time frame that wm can go with-o those glasses.

There are days & then there is wm. :rofl:

I really love my son - just don't know how to get through to him. :hammer:


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Wow, 17 replacement pairs?? Eeek!! I guess you will have to replace them one more time and keep a tally of wm's reimbursement of the expense. I think it's a good idea!

Our difficult child has had glasses for 4 years now and I don't know how, but he hasn't lost or broken a pair. We even got two years out of a set of frames once. I am amazed and hope that I haven't jinxed it by typing it out loud!!!

If it's any consolation - I was mostly a easy child growing up, but HATED it when I had to get glasses. I had my first pair 2 days when I lost them. My poor mother took me to the high school where we transferred buses each day after school and we went through piles and piles of leaves, etc. We didn't find them and they had to go to the expense (which they could not afford, by the way) of replacing them. Less than a month later, I had laid my new glasses on the bench in the locker room while changing after gym and, yup - you guessed it, someone sat on them. I thought my Mom was going to pop her top.

Needless to say, I was more careful after that - and don't even feel like I deserve a kid who actually takes care of his glasses, but I won't knock it.

Hopefully, if wm has to pay for this pair, he will take better care of them.

Good luck!!


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ug, kids & glasses. My own glasses were over 10 yrs old. My son got a new pair that took me awhile to save up for post eye surgery. The first day to school he came home with them in 3 peices. They were SUPPOSED to be impact and shatter reistant, the frames and lenses- to protect his good eye. Turns out the eye place did not tighten the screws when they made them? UG_ the eye place was 45 miins away.
Got them fixed and before the week ws up, he got called to office at school, left them on his desk- his science teacher tok them for safekeeping and thye have never been found.I went in to the lost & found at schoool every day for 3 weeks. I went thru his locker, I went to all hs clasrooms. I talked to school nurse and all his teachers adn cshool secretay and vice principal.
each of the eye surgeons yells at us every visit. what can I do? I saved for awhile to pay for those.
Now he wears OSHA safety glasses from the hardware store. They do not have his Rx in them.
My oldest dtr surprised me- she had the same pair a couple years till a bully at school grabbed the and tosed them inthe creek. Fished them out, so the next week, he tied them in a kont- (THEY WERE of some type that were supposed to be ale to withstand anything a kid could dihs out)- that all happened AT school- playground supervisor admits seeing it. school refused to pay for more an the caled CPS on me for not providing my kid glasss.

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I hate the glasses thing. With kt we've "only" replaced her glasses 5 or 6 times. She would tear hers up in dissociative states.

It got to the point that if kt or wm were about to "blow" we'd grab their glasses before anything else. :rofl: :hammer: :rofl:


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difficult child tears up his glasses 1st during a rage. Luckly we found that Shop-Ko will replace glasses no questions asked for the 1st year and you can pay (a few dollars) for a second year of insurance.

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Yikes Linda-17 pairs. I'm so glad my difficult child doesn't need them. He has, however, managed to break my a three times when raging. :wildone:
Unbelievable!!! All three of my kids wear glasses. I would be in the poor house by now!!! 17 pairs has got to be a new world's record!!!

I think it's a good idea to have Wm help pay for another pair. I think it's the best way to teach difficult children or PCs that "money doesn't grow on trees". Hang in there... WFEN

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If it makes you feel better, T used to break that many pairs in a 6 month period. And never on purpose. :wildone:

Have you considered buying wm sports glasses? You know the safety glasses with the heavy band for around the head. T wore these from the 2nd grade til his jr yr in high school when I finally bought him those expensive kind that are almost impossible to break.


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Here's a thought, I don't know if they do this in the US, but they do here - you can get old specs from an op-shop for a buck or two, get your child's prescription put in (using shatterproof lenses) and he just has to put up with whatever dorky frames you bought. If he wants expensive, high-tech frames he has to learn to value them.

Also, our optometrist has old frames, often second-hand but in good condition, for a cheap price.

The only drawback with these options is that if the frames break, you have to replace the lot - there isn't another model of identical design you can transfer the lenses to.

Also, I'd make my kid wear the specs on a chain - get a dorky, old lady type of thing with pearls, or whatever is most embarrassing. Or a fashionable lanyard, if you don't want to embarrass your kid.

We had to get difficult child 1's glasses replaced when a bully kicked his schoolbag and broke the glasses in their case inside the bag. And no, we weren't reimbursed either. But we DID get a stainless steel glasses case for them and they were never broken again.

difficult child 3 was always losing his glasses until his prescription changed and his new glasses can be worn all day. He likes being able to see better, so he hates taking them off and has become really careful now. But he has to wear adult frames because his head is so big. Kids hats and kids specs have never fitted him.


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Thanks for the suggestions - the sports glasses didn't work for wm. Marg, wm has for the last 4 months worn that dorky glasses elastic strap. And we had 4 months of glasses.

For whatever reason he took the strap off his glasses to play with it & darned if the glasses aren't gone. In the meantime, I'm going to check into glasses/frames that can always get the lenses replaced. Something that will be there year after year.

At one point I had 3 pair of glasses here for wm & had the old ones repaired at quite the cost to have as extras. They are gone now.

We'll keep slugging forward - I really think the money angle will make a dent in his thinking.

by the way, Lisa, for some reason your story didn't make me feel any better - just felt sympathy for your situation with T.

Life moves on - I'm budgeting for new glasses in 3 weeks. wm will repay me for them. This is life.


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Perhpas you could get something out of this - what about calling the Guiness Book of World Records!!!!

But seriously, I think having wm take some responsibility is a great idea - I hope it helps him keep his glasses in check.



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Oh, At this moment easy child has lost his sports goggles! Since football ended in Nov.- the next day they were gone. We can't find them anywhere. Tonight he starts boxing without them. They are expensive and I know once I buy them again we will find them. But it looks like I have to. I think he will have to take some responsibility and pay for half-it never occured to me to have him do that but I like that idea.Thanks-Alyssa


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My difficult child went through so many pairs of glasses when he was younger that he was the poster child for the glasses replacement program at our optical place. Seriously, the nice big thank you note with his picture on it went into a standing frame and was up for year in the office with a headline about the replacement program.

Could he handle contacts? A lot of kids make the jump to contacts by now and disposable contacts would have a huge advantage in the loss department.


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I am curious what the person in charge where he lives says? Seems to me this is um...a part of raising a child, growing a child, tteaching them how to take care of their belongings etc? Are they working on trying to help him take better care of his possessions? If not, I think they should......but that is just my opinion.....and with that opinion, I guess I am saying seems they should bear some responsibility, too.I mean after all he is NOT a normal healthy and perfectly fine adult. and he is not where he is just on a lark......