The slate was wiped clean & within a week

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jun 3, 2009.

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    of being discharged from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) kt is losing priviledges like no tomorrow. The biggest being cell phone & the clothes she chooses to wear.

    She keeps "getting" clothes from friends ~ my ktbug looks like a street walker when she comes down for school. Her makeup is beyond reason. Day treatment called & PCA & I cleaned sorted out clothes that were appropriate for school & those appropriate for home. The totally off the wall clothes were discarded. The screaming was intense & totally out of line.

    I added texting to our cell phone features as my nieces are on my account now & their sister is deaf. It's the only way they can communicate. Having said that I allowed kt to have texting with caveats. I let her know that I would be checking her messages. Apparently she didn't believe me ~ but she lost her texting priviledges & I blocked several numbers from her phone.

    Some of these choices ~ behaviors are now in the hands of the professionals. In the meantime, I'm the mom who's hated & screamed at ~ somewhat typical teen but over the edge.

    kt is living life on the edge ~ the PTSD is haunting her & the abuse she suffered is rearing it's ugly head in a very sexual manner.

    Ick, ick, ick.
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    ((((TL)))) Sending hugs of strength and encouragement. Try to take it ODAAT. All that you mention PLUS hormones and what an explosive battlefield you're in.
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    Hugs. Just keep telling yourself parenting is not popularity contest. Especially with our kids. I really hate hormones of teen girls. I starting to see them in easy child, and it makes her look like a difficult child!
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    I'm sorry Linda. That has to hoover. A teenage girl can be challenging anyway but when you add Kt's background...I would imagine it's more of an adventure of sorts than a challenge.

    Is your niece still there? Maybe she can quietyly influence Kt by example somehow. (Wow, that Lindsay Lohan....she complains about people saying things about her but she brings it on herself with her behavior and the way she dresses) I know it doesn't help you feel better or make things easier but you wouldn't be hated if you weren't doing it right. And isn't it amazing how kids never think you will follow through with anything? :hammer:

    Sending hugs for you all.
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    You know, my son does well when in secure environments then almost goes wild or loses control and falls apart after comiing home. I don't know why these kids can't hold it together better. I'm sorry, TL. I hope this is just a phase of testing the waters or something.
  6. gcvmom

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    Sigh. I'm sorry she's at it again. :( I hope things settle down soon.
  7. totoro

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    I was wondering about your Niece as well, is it K?
    I am so sorry KT is making, or unable to see/understand the choices she is making.

    This must be scary, hard, nerve wracking to watch. Not to mention tick you off to say the least.

    I hope one day KT can figure it out.
  8. Nancy

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    I've had all those battles too Linda. difficult child has no texting. If you have Verizon do you know you can check who she calls the next day online?

    Sounds like she is pushing as hard as she can. I'm sorry, I know this is exhausting.

  9. Wiped Out

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    I'm sorry things are so rough and it's only the first week home. Sending many hugs your way.
  10. KTMom91

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    I'm sorry things are so difficult. Sending many hugs.
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    I'm sorry, Linda.
  12. LittleDudesMom

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    when we spoke this weekend we discussed this - in a couple days she has now lost texting privilages - shame.

    Listen, I have a really serious question, one you probably don't have the answer to but I wonder, what is the "typical" prognosis for someone who has experienced the abuse that kt has at a young age? Are these going to be issues that she continues to battle with the rest of her life, or is there usually a "breakthrough" that allows the victom to move forward and deal with the issues?

    I guess I wonder because she has been in a safe enviornment for over half her life. When will that become part of who she is just as the bad stuff has? I totally understand that the bad totally over shadows the good, but I also wonder what the chances are that kt won't need this level of supervision at 17.

    Sorry about this Linda - I think we were all hoping this last Residential Treatment Center (RTC) stay would help the grief and the inappropriate thoughts and actions.