The stupidity of my brother in law (or some people never learn)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Mom2oddson

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    I couldn't believe it this morning when I opened my Facebook page to see that my brother in law is in a relationship. The guy is 38yrs old, been divorced 3 times and is now in a relationship with a 22 year old. Okay, she'll be 23 in 3 weeks. But still???

    I guess I'm just in shock over the stupidity of some people. You'd think with 3 failed marriages behind him that he'd do some growing up?? Or maybe get a clue when the only "girls" he's interested in are ones only a few years older than his niece? Shouldn't that give him a clue that maybe HIS maturity level needs to be raised so that he can fit in with people his own age??

    Thanks for listening....I needed to talk to someone about my shock. husband and his family are so laid-back (or so used to GFGness) that nothing shocks them. They wonder why I would think there is something wrong with this situation.

    And when I show his comment to her "I'm about to get my license back"... all I saw was red flags with neon flashers. Come on! A 22 year old who has lost her license, likes to party and is a MOTHER..... and I'm the only one that sees red flags???

    So, here I am, coming to you from Waaaayyyyy out in left field, at night, in the middle of Football season. :whiteflag:
  2. AnnieO

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    Wow. I'm thinking neon flags - not just red!!!
  3. witzend

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    I hope she's not my daughter...

    Seriously, though - it's his life, he gets to mess it up. As long as he doesn't bring it to your house or ask you for money, I'd ignore it.
  4. Mom2oddson

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    For the most part, I ignore all of it. There are just those days when it's like watching a train wreck. Even though you don't want to look, you can't help but look.

    The only part that I find hard, is when he brings these little twits to visit us. I feel like sending the girl to family room to hang out with my kids. I am TWICE her age. I don't have much to say to them.

    The one before this one had her kids give their "aunt & uncle" good-bye. I didn't even know their names! Felt sorry for the little ones, having to hug total strangers.
  5. susiestar

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    I am sorry that he only dates a certain type of woman, and that he inflicts them on the family. I would be upset at the aunt and uncle thing too.